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CHESTER, England, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Holidaymakers could save up to 572 per cent on their airport parking () this Easter just by planning ahead, according to research by travel comparison site .

Savings on airport parking can be made by avoiding short stay car parks and opting for long stay with an average saving across the 23 airports researched of GBP109.27 per car. However, for the most significant savings it is always best to book long stay parking in advance.

Travellers embarking on an adventure from the UK's most expensive airport, Heathrow, this Easter can expect to pay a massive GBP394.40 for an eight day stay in a short stay car park or GBP133.60 in a long stay car park. But by booking in advance and staying in a long stay car park, holidaymakers can expect to pay only GBP68.90 - a saving of 572 per cent.

Similar savings on airport parking can be made across the country, simply by booking in advance. Up to GBP146 can be saved at Manchester International airport, Gatwick airport GBP155, Heathrow airport GBP314, Birmingham airport GBP94, Edinburgh airport GBP110, Bristol airport GBP139 and Leeds airport GBP141.

A further option to save money is to consider off airport parking where pre-booking an eight day stay can save you up to 77 per cent at Manchester Airport against the best long stay gate price. By pre-booking off site holidaymakers at Luton could save GBP104.01 for the same stay.

Those using one of the UK's smallest airport can benefit from the UK's lowest airport parking charges, as both a three and eight day stay arriving on 16th April will cost absolutely nothing - parking is free at Blackpool Airport.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at said: "Holidaymakers are often aware of savings which can be made when booking their flights and accommodation, but few people consider the soaring cost of holiday 'extras' such as airport parking. By using comparison websites such as to compare options and by booking far in advance of a holiday, travellers could save up to 80 per cent on an eight day stay, bringing the total cost of a holiday down by as much as GBP314 on an eight day stay at London Heathrow.

"Savings can be made across the country with all major airport car parks facilitating advance bookings, except Blackpool International which offers the UK's only free airport parking. The further in advance you book, the bigger the savings so try book as soon as possible."

Notes to Editors:

* 572% refers to the difference between the gate price of an eight day long stay car park stay at Belfast International Airport vs. a short stay car park

Airport Parking Comparison

8 3 day 8 day 3 day day short stay long long stay short (72 stay on stay hours) on airport airport Gatwick Gate Price GBP240.00 GBP90.00 GBP92.00 GBP34.50 ts.com GBP84.90 GBP46.50 GBP57.10 GBP27.40 GBP saving GBP155.10 GBP43.50 GBP34.90 GBP7.10 % Diff -64.63% -48.34% -37.94% -20.58% Heathrow Gate Price GBP394.40 GBP147.90 GBP133.60 GBP51.00 ts.com GBP80.10 GBP37.40 GBP65.70 GBP27.10 GBP saving GBP314.30 GBP110.50 GBP68.90 GBP23.90 % Diff -79.70% -74.72% -50.83% -46.87% Standsted Gate Price GBP236.00 GBP88.50 GBP84.00 GBP31.50 ts.com GBP80.50 GBP45.75 GBP66.00 GBP25.25 GBP saving GBP155.50 GBP42.75 GBP18.00 GBP6.25 % Diff -65.89% -48.31% -21.43% -19.85% London Luton Gate Price GBP288.00 GBP108.00 GBP144.00 GBP54.00 ts.com GBP288.00 GBP108.00 GBP54.99 GBP39.00 GBP saving GBP0.00 GBP0.00 GBP89.01 GBP15.00 % Diff 0% 0% -61.82% -27.78% Birmingham Gate Price GBP160.00 GBP60.00 GBP72.00 GBP29.50 ts.com GBP66.00 GBP39.99 n/a n/a GBP saving GBP94.00 GBP20.01 GBP0.00 % Diff -58.75% -33% 0% Manchester Gate price GBP216.00 GBP81.00 GBP100.00 GBP50.00 ts.com GBP69.99 GBP35.99 GBP39.99 GBP27.99 GBP saving GBP146.01 GBP45.01 GBP60.01 GBP22.01 % Diff -67.60% -55.57% -60.01% -44.02% Newcastle Gate Price GBP140.00 GBP52.50 GBP69.90 GBP39.90 ts.com GBP64.99 GBP49.99 GBP44.49 GBP30.49 GBP saving GBP75.01 GBP2.51 -GBP25.41 GBP9.41 % Diff -53.58% -4.79% -36.36% -23.59% Glasgow International Gate Price GBP148.00 GBP55.50 GBP65.90 GBP29.90 ts.com GBP60.00 GBP30.60 GBP39.90 GBP18.90 GBP saving GBP88.00 GBP24.90 GBP26.00 GBP11.00 % Diff -59.46% -44.87% -39.46% -36.79% Edinburgh Gate Price GBP172.00 GBP64.50 GBP72.80 GBP27.30 ts.com GBP61.90 GBP31.00 GBP39.30 GBP17.20 GBP saving GBP110.10 GBP33.50 GBP33.50 GBP10.10 % Diff -64.02% -51.94% -46.02% -37.00% Bristol Gate Price GBP200.00 GBP75.00 GBP66.00 GBP38.00 ts.com GBP61.00 GBP47.00 GBP36.99 GBP35.99 GBP saving GBP139.00 GBP28.00 GBP29.01 GBP2.01 % Diff -69.50% -37.34% -43.96% -5.29% East Midlands Gate Price GBP224.00 GBP84.00 GBP65.80 GBP38.60 ts.com GBP124.00 GBP62.00 GBP49.99 GBP34.99 GBP saving GBP100.00 GBP22.00 GBP15.81 GBP3.61 % Diff -44.65% -26.20% -24.03% -9.36% Liverpool John Lennon Gate price GBP115.00 GBP60.00 GBP80.00 GBP55.00 ts.com GBP43.49 GBP34.99 GBP27.99 GBP24.99 GBP saving GBP71.51 GBP25.01 GBP52.01 GBP30.01 % Diff -62.19% -41.69& -65.02% -54.57% Belfast International Gate price GBP269.60 GBP38.70 GBP40.00 GBP21.00 ts.com n/a n/a GBP40.00 GBP21.00 GBP saving GBP0.00 GBP0.00 GBP0.00 GBP0.00 % Diff 0% 0% 0% 0% Aberdeen Gate price GBP130.40 GBP48.90 GBP69.60 GBP22.20 ts.com GBP70.40 GBP39.60 GBP47.00 GBP20.00 GBP saving GBP60.00 GBP9.30 -GBP22.60 GBP2.20 % Diff -46.02% -19.02% -32.48% -9.91% Blackpool Gate price Free Free Free Free ts.com n/a Free n/a Free GBP saving % Diff Cardiff Gate price GBP200.00 GBP75.00 GBP65.50 GBP36.00 ts.com n/a n/a GBP65.50 GBP36.00 GBP saving GBP0.00 GBP0.00 GBP0.00 GBP0.00 % Diff 0% 0% 0% 0% Doncaster Robin Hood Gate price GBP160.00 GBP60.00 GBP57.00 GBP30.00 ts.com GBP38.99 GBP29.99 GBP34.99 GBP25.99 GBP saving GBP121.01 GBP30.01 GBP22.01 GBP4.01 % Diff -75.64% 50.02% -38.62% -13.37% Durham Tees Valley Gate price GBP63.50 GBP38.50 n/a n/a ts.com GBP36.99 GBP25.99 n/a n/a GBP saving GBP26.51 GBP12.51 n/a n/a % Diff -41.75% -32.50& n/a n/a Exeter Gate price GBP117.50 GBP147.00 GBP75.00 GBP40.00 ts.com GBP84.70 GBP48.30 GBP56.00 GBP37.40 GBP saving GBP32.80 GBP98.70 GBP19.00 GBP2.60 % Diff -27.91% -67.15% -25.34% -6.50% Leeds Bradford Gate price GBP216.00 GBP108.00 GBP58.00 GBP39.00 ts.com GBP74.99 GBP49.99 GBP43.99 GBP23.99 GBP saving GBP141.01 GBP58.01 GBP14.01 GBP15.01 % Diff -65.29% 53.72% -24.16% -38.49% London City Gate price GBP360.00 GBP135.00 GBP320.00 GBP120.00 ts.com GBP240.00 GBP135.00 GBP205.00 GBP120.00 GBP saving GBP120.00 GBP0.00 GBP115.00 GBP0.00 % Diff -33.34% 0% -35.94% 0% Glasgow Preswick Gate price GBP104.00 GBP39.00 GBP45.00 GBP25.00 ts.com GBP45.98 GBP34.50 GBP38.99 GBP20.99 GBP saving GBP58.02 GBP4.50 GBP6.01 -GBP4.01 % Diff -55.79% -11.54 -13.36% -16.04% Southampton Gate price GBP189.60 GBP71.10 GBP84.00 GBP31.50 ts.com GBP61.40 GBP31.40 GBP53.60 GBP23.90 GBP saving GBP128.20 GBP39.70 GBP30.40 GBP7.60 % Diff -67.62% -55.84% -36.20% -24.13%

- 2010 prices based on stay commencing Saturday 3 April 2010 and price checked 5 Feb from and official airport websites for each airport

- 2011 prices based on stay commencing Saturday 16 April 2011 and price checked 11 Mar from and official airport websites for each airport

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