Accelrys Announces New Experiment Knowledge Base for Enterprise Lab Management

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Accelrys Announces New Experiment Knowledge Base for Enterprise Lab Management

Accelrys Announces New Experiment Knowledge Base for Enterprise Lab Management

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Accelrys, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACCL), a leading scientific enterprise R&D software and services company, today announced the Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB), a new packaged professional services solution built on the Enterprise Lab Management (ELM) suite of the Accelrys Enterprise R&D Architecture. EKB speeds innovation in materials science by helping scientists plan, execute, analyze, report, mine and manage experiments using a single system that is complementary to existing laboratory instrumentation and data management methods. The solution also improves laboratory efficiency and productivity and supports sustainability strategies for scientific enterprises in the chemicals, manufacturing and materials industries.

“The Challenge of Laboratory Informatics and Knowledge Management.”

“When scientists cannot answer basic questions about what has already been done in the lab, they can end up repeating up to 40 percent of their experiments — a colossal waste of effort, time and money,” said Mollie Hunter, vice president of worldwide professional services at Accelrys. “To reverse this trend, Accelrys’ EKB turns siloed data into actionable scientific knowledge, accelerating the development of innovative performance materials that are environmentally and economically sustainable.”

Optimizing scientific workflows of materials-focused labs, the EKB solution was developed to address specific challenges faced by Accelrys’ customers, some of the world’s largest scientific companies. Within EKB, Accelrys Professional Services leverages core resources and components of the Accelrys Enterprise Lab Management suite to offer capabilities including sample/material genealogy, instrument interfaces, experiment planning/design interfaces, data marts and data analysis protocols as required.

Accelrys’ EKB is built on the recently announced Enterprise Lab Management suite, which includes a core set of lab-enabling services and add-on components within the Accelrys Enterprise R&D architecture. The Enterprise Lab Management suite provides a flexible framework that can be configured and deployed according to specific customer needs.

Attendees at this month’s Accelrys North American User Group Meeting in Jersey City, N.J., will be introduced to the EKB through presentations and hands-on workshops and will learn about one company’s deployment of the solution in the presentation, “The Challenge of Laboratory Informatics and Knowledge Management.”

To learn more about Accelrys EKB, visit www.accelrys.com/ekb.

About Enterprise Lab Management

A combination of applications and components deployed on the Accelrys R&D Architecture, Enterprise Lab Management (ELM) enhances lab productivity and cross-lab collaboration with scalability from lab to enterprise. ELM supports planning and execution of experiments, tracking and management of samples, analyzing of experimental results and mining of knowledge from experimental and analytical results in the enterprise scientific environment. For example, scientists engaged in chemistry- and biology-based research, development and manufacturing can leverage ELM to capture and distribute knowledge about these experiments to peers within their own organization and across the extended enterprise to customers, suppliers and external collaborators. ELM provides a solution framework for addressing and overcoming major enterprise sustainability challenges including risk management and compliance, efficiency and productivity improvement, product and process innovation and the integration of scientific activities into broader business objectives. Key applications in the ELM suite include the Pipeline Pilot Enterprise R&D Platform, the Symyx Notebook by Accelrys, Accelrys Laboratory Execution and Analysis (LEA) software and the Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) packaged services offering. Available ELM add-on components include various notebook adapters integrating with LIMS and other laboratory systems, as well as integrated Work Request and Metrology modules enabling scientists working with Symyx Notebook by Accelrys to route tasks, samples and results to colleagues and update instrument calibration without leaving the ELN.

About Accelrys, Inc.

Accelrys (NASDAQ:ACCL), a leading scientific enterprise R&D software and services company, supports industries and organizations that rely on scientific innovation to differentiate themselves. Accelrys’ Enterprise Research & Development Architecture, built on the industry-leading Pipeline Pilot™ platform, provides a broad, flexible scientific solution optimized to integrate the diversity of science, experimental processes and information requirements across the research, development, process scale-up and early manufacturing phases of product development. By incorporating capabilities in applications for modeling and simulation, enterprise lab management, workflow definition and capture, data management and informatics, Accelrys enables scientific innovators to access, organize, analyze and share data in unprecedented ways, ultimately enhancing innovation, improving productivity and compliance, reducing costs and speeding time from lab to market.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Accelrys has more than 1,300 customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy, chemicals, aerospace, consumer packaged goods and industrial products industries and employs approximately 150 full-time Ph.D. scientists. For more information about Accelrys, visit www.accelrys.com.

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