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CHESTER, England, May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

- Car Hire Can Cost Up to 450* Per Cent More Via an Airline Than the Best Buys Via Price Comparison Site

- travelsupermarket.com Reveals Shopping Around Can Save Customers Over GBP2,000***

Holidaymakers looking to hire a car this summer could save themselves up to 82* per cent if they shop around instead of booking through their airline, according to travel comparison site, travelsupermarket.com (). The investigation has revealed that in some cases airline prices can be up to GBP2,000** more expensive if renting a people carrier for two weeks in the school holidays this summer. And it is not just larger cars - you can pay up to GBP567*** (or 190 per cent) more if you book with airlines 'suggested suppliers' for an economy car.

The research was conducted by travelsupermarket.com looking at the popular travel dates of the forthcoming half term period and the main summer holidays ( ). It looked at one and two week rentals booked via five airline websites at eight major holiday airports in Europe, compared to prices sourced through the travelsupermarket.com price comparison service. The aim was to see if those airlines that offer some of the most competitive airfares in Europe to British travellers, also offered the most competitive car hire pricing.

After comparing 480 price points, the research found families and groups of friends could be most affected as people carriers often show the biggest disparities. To hire one for two weeks in Majorca would cost GBP626 if consumers shopped around for the best deal, but if booked via easyJet's preferred supplier, Europcar, the cost for the same type of car over the same period of time would cost a whopping GBP2,727 - a huge increase of 335 per cent.

To hire a people carrier in Malaga this May could cost just GBP96. However, if booked via Monarch, the cost is GBP525 - an increase of 447 per cent. It is the same story with economy cars - booking one in Faro for two weeks in July via travelsupermarket.com would cost GBP298, but if booked instead with easyJet's preferred supplier, the cost would be GBP866 - an increase of 190 per cent.

We also found price differences on a number of other airlines, Ryanair were up to 163 per cent more expensive on car hire in Faro, British Airways were up to 152 per cent more expensive in Alicante and bmibaby up to 233 per cent more for a rental in Alicante.

Whilst many airlines appear to suggest that they are offering passengers a preferential deal on their car hire, the research has revealed that you are actually getting anything but that, due to the fact that most airlines only work with one car supplier. Ryanair does in fact offer cheaper prices for it's rentals with Hertz than on the direct booking site of the major car hire company. However, in 480 examples checked, the airlines' prices were found to be cheaper than travelsupermarket.com on only seven occasions, which compares over 200 companies from 21 suppliers, with the aim of finding the best prices available to car hire customers.

Consumers should also be aware that while some airlines offer a 'lowest price guarantee', you will find that this simply guarantees to be cheaper than booking through their preferred supplier directly, and does not take into account the entire market. Additional services such as car hire can be big money-spinners for airlines. easyJet noted in its results last week that it is looking to renegotiate its current car hire contract, which may result in better prices being offered to its customers.

Travel expert Bob Atkinson from said: "Don't assume that the cheapest company for flights or a holiday will also give the best price on car hire. Airlines and tour operators are keen to maximise on holiday extras and the car rental market is an easy win as they make it so easy for you to book through them."

"It is so important to shop around for the best vehicle rental price using comparison services. These are designed to show a large range of providers and make finding the best deal far easier.

"Brits have got into the habit of seeking out a great price when looking for the best value flights or holidays and they should do the same for car hire, rather than just take the simple route of booking with their airline. This can save hundreds - or in some cases thousands - of pounds, money which would easily go towards funding an additional holiday later in the year or subsidising your spending money whilst away."

Example price differences for booking with your airline VS using price comparison at travelsupermarket.com's top eight European destinations - One Week, May 2011

Destination Car Type Airline/ Airline travelsupermarket Diff GBP Diff Tour Price .com price % Operator Majorca People easyJet GBP679.57 GBP134.90 GBP544.67 404% Carrier Faro Economy British GBP157.00 GBP80.49 GBP76.51 95% Airways Malaga People Monarch GBP525.07 GBP96.00 GBP429.07 447% Carrier Alicante People bmibaby GBP319.32 GBP96.00 GBP223.32 233% carrier Nice People Ryanair GBP364.99 GBP251.89 GBP113.10 45% Carrier

Prices sourced by

Example price differences for booking with your airline VS using price comparison at travelsupermarket.com's top eight European destinations - Two Weeks, July 2011

Destination Car Type Airline/ Airline travelsupermarket Diff GBP Diff Tour Price .com price % Operator Majorca People easyJet GBP GBP626.94 GBP 335% Carrier 2,727.28 2100.34 Faro Mini Ryanair GBP657.87 GBP248.86 GBP409.01 163% economy Alicante Small British GBP897.00 GBP356.04 GBP540.96 152% family Airways Faro People easyJet GBP2,657.52 GBP1,024.80 GBP 159% Carrier 1,632.72 Nice People bmibaby GBP1,172.26 GBP612.57 GBP559.69 91% Carrier

Prices sourced by

Top tips for car hire:

- Always shop around when booking car hire, don't just take the price from your airline or other travel provider and use a price comparison engine to check out all options.

- Generally it is best to book as early as possible for the best deals, especially on key travel dates. Prices tend to go up towards the rental date and car groups can sell out making your first choice unavailable. Price can be quite volatile at times so if you see a good price, book it immediately.

- Consider all price groups of cars as you can sometimes get bigger cars at lower or equivalent rental costs to smaller cars, especially on peak dates.

- Lesser known car hire companies often provide excellent value for money on holiday rentals in popular resorts - these are only found in price comparison engines alongside the major brands.

- Check you are comparing like for like - our service provides a quick easy reference to indicate what is included in the cost.

- Remember, car seats, additional drivers and fuel are always added items, not quoted in the basic cost as they are either optional or vary by company and location.

- You can also cut costs by being aware of excess reduction. On arrival at your pick up point, the car hire companies will point out the excess you pay in case of any accident or damage and then try and sell you a daily cover to reduce the excess to nil. NEVER take this from the car hire company, protect yourself ahead of travelling by taking out Car Hire Excess Insurance - this can save up to 75% on the charges made by the rental companies rance/

- Cut your costs further by taking your own car seats for infants with you, which is usually cheaper to take as checked luggage, than renting in a resort, plus you are guaranteed to have your seat with you for your little ones.

Searches made 16 May 2011 for 8 days rental commencing 28 May and 15 days commencing 30 July

Prices sourced from Airline/Tour Op website, car hire supplier direct site and ts.com price comparison site

* Malaga, 1 week, 28 May, people carrier, 5-7 seats with Monarch, with Sixt, price = GBP525.07. travelsupermarket.com via Netflights = GBP96.00. A saving of 82 per cent, a difference of 450 per cent

** Majorca, 2 weeks, 30 July, people carrier 5-7 seats with easyJet with europecar = GBP2727.28. travelsupermarket.com via Argus = GBP626.94 a difference of GBP2100.34.

*** Faro, 2 weeks, 30 July, economy car with easyJet with Europcar GBP866.66 vs. travelsupermarket.com GBP298.70 with Argus Rentacar.

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