Portugal Grants Accreditation to Adacel’s ICE for Aviation English R/T Proficiency Assessment

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Portugal Grants Accreditation to Adacel’s ICE for Aviation English R/T Proficiency Assessment

Portugal Grants Accreditation to Adacel’s ICE for Aviation English R/T Proficiency Assessment

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adacel (ASX:ADA) announced today that the Portuguese Aviation Authority, Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil, (INAC, IP), has accredited Adacel’s Intelligent Communications Environment (ICE) product to be used throughout Portugal as a tool for aviation radiotelephony (R/T) English language proficiency assessment.

ICAO has a requirement that all international flights will be handled in the English language. Learning aviation phraseology and gaining the comprehension and confidence necessary to apply it correctly are mandatory requirements that have presented issues for many pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation personnel around the world.

NAV Portugal has successfully trialed Adacel’s ICE solution as a means to strengthen language skills and increase success rates for ICAO aviation English Level 4 testing and compliance with their Aeronautical Mobile Service Radio Operators in Santa Maria and Lisbon ACCs. On the basis of their results, NAV Portugal applied for and has received accreditation for Adacel’s ICE to be used in English language radiotelephony assessment in Portugal and is considering future use as a tool for training both Air Traffic Controllers and Radio Operators.

Santa Maria ACC - Courtesy of NAV Portugal

ICE is an easy to operate application that uses Adacel’s accent tolerant speech recognition technology and air traffic expertise to generate an immersive, dynamic learning environment. Students interact with the system in scenarios that create context for the phraseology and develop proficiency ready to be employed in the air and on the ground. Students gain a much stronger understanding of the terminology and how to correctly use it in real-world situations.

The ICE system is deployed on standard laptops or desktops and can be integrated within the training curriculum to provide self-paced learning and portability to allow students to practice anytime, anywhere. The system automatically monitors the student’s progress without “over the shoulder” supervision and provides immediate audio, visual and text feedback. Adacel’s ICE provides today’s technology savvy students with a compelling learning tool that teaches correct phraseology and reinforces proper radio discipline and communications protocols.

About Adacel

Adacel’s technology revolutionizes speech applications for operational direct voice input control systems and interactive control of computer generated entities in training systems. The Company’s ATC simulators lead global efforts to safely optimize controller training. Their Aurora ATM system includes capabilities envisaged for FAA NextGen and EUROCONTROL SESAR programs; providing the enabling technology to promote airspace efficiency and reduce aviation related carbon emissions.

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