XOJET Inc. Announces XOJET Preferred Access™

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--XOJET Inc., the leader in private aviation, today announced its latest innovative program – XOJET Preferred Access™ – a unique private aviation program that provides its members with the best in private aviation at a fraction of the cost. XOJET Preferred Access™ extends XOJET’s portfolio of innovative offerings by offering program members a menu of specific money-saving options for each flight, allowing them to opportunistically avoid paying for unnecessary guarantees or other flight attributes that they don’t need or value. The program offers preferred access to XOJET’s 100% Wi-Fi enabled fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X super-mid jets and exclusive 24-hour access to XOJET’s dedicated team of private aviation consultants who are committed to providing XOJET Preferred Access members the best possible value every time they fly.

“We are a client-centric organization, and we have established the highest standard for service excellence and customer value. We consistently observe private aviation consumers paying for services and flight attributes they don’t want or need”

XOJET Preferred Access continues XOJET’s history of leading through innovation in the private aviation market. For example, XOJET was the first national private jet company to own and operate their entire branded fleet and was the first to offer fixed price charter flights on more than 15,000 routes. XOJET also was the first to offer Wi-Fi on every aircraft in its fleet. In February, XOJET announced Coast2Coast™, the first guaranteed program designed exclusively for transcontinental flyers. Each innovation has brought new levels of service and value to private aviation customers. With XOJET Preferred Access, XOJET has once again created value with an innovative program that delivers the optimal mix of service and availability at the best possible price.

“We are a client-centric organization, and we have established the highest standard for service excellence and customer value. We consistently observe private aviation consumers paying for services and flight attributes they don’t want or need,” said Brad Stewart, President of XOJET. “With XOJET Preferred Access, we set out to create a private aviation program for people who require a top-tier product, but are unwilling to pay for a one-size-fits-all, bundled offering. In short, they want better value.”

“As we developed the program it was obvious that what defines ‘value’ is different for each individual client,” continued Stewart. “As a result, the XOJET Preferred Access program was designed so members can adjust their preferences for each and every flight based on what matters to them. The result is XOJET Preferred Access.”

XOJET is structured differently than other private aviation companies. As an owner and operator of its entire fleet, XOJET is able to drive asset efficiency that is consistently 40% greater than standard fractional or charter models. This efficiency is based on a unique asset optimization system developed by XOJET that adapts and extends many of the best practices across multiple industries. The XOJET asset optimization system has been extended to take into account the more complex and qualitative elements of customer service. The integrated approach to optimizing both services and asset utility assures that XOJET is able to deliver the best possible service at the greatest value to our customers. This has allowed XOJET to create programs such as XOJET Preferred Access that offer unprecedented value without compromising service or quality.

XOJET Preferred Access is available immediately. For more information please visit www.xojet.com.


XOJET, a TPG portfolio company founded in 2006, has become one of the fastest-growing private aviation companies in history, serving more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Our unique business model combines private jet membership, flexible programs, and fixed-price charter with a singular focus on providing the highest level of customer service at every point of the client’s experience. XOJET’s commitment to safety leadership has earned the highest safety ratings in the industry and XOJET is the only business aviation provider to rank either #1 or #2 in all twelve ARG/US Platinum safety rating categories. In July 2010, XOJET became the first private aviation operator to enable its entire fleet with in-flight Wi-Fi Internet connectivity by equipping every Citation X and Challenger 300 in its fleet. For more information, please visit www.xojet.com.

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