Rail or Fly? That is the Question. RailorFly.com Gives you the Answer

Dépèche transmise le 29 juillet 2011 par PRNewswire

MILAN, July 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Launch of the world's first website to provide a thorough and "all inclusive" comparison of costs and travel times of trains and planes for 500 routes in Europe and North America.

Not everybody knows that in our times of low cost flights a transfer by taxi or by public transport from city centre to the airport (or vice versa) can cost you more than the flight itself! Or that a plane journey (including transfers to and from the airport) could be longer than a train journey. RailorFly.com is here to help, providing a thorough and "all inclusive" comparison of costs and travel times of trains and planes for 500 routes in Europe and North America (worldwide coverage is on the way) "from city centre to city centre," including transfers to and from the airports by taxi and public transport and waiting times at the terminals.

"RailorFly.com's founding reason is that today - and more so in the coming decades with the expansion of high-speed railways - many travel routes are covered both by trains and planes at similar costs and travel times. The choice between the two options therefore depends on economic factors ('Which is the cheapest means of transport?') and duration factors ('Which is the fastest means of transport, including transfers and waiting times?')," said project founder Federico Pisanty. "Thanks to our 'First and Last Km(c)' technology, RailorFly.com calculates the so-called 'first and last kilometre' of each plane journey (i.e. the distance from the city centre to the departure airport and from the arrival airport to the city centre): transfers to and from the airports and waiting times at the terminals. Furthermore, RailorFly.com provides customers with extremely useful information (public transport detail, timetables etc.) concerning these transfers."

This is, in fact, the second product offered to people on the move by this Milanese digital pubblications specialist, after "Tipi Metropolitani(R )" (tipimetropolitani.it), the first world multichannel editorial product dedicated to urban movers, special mention in the "eCulture" category of the eContent Awards in 2008, sponsored by the President of the Republic of Italy.

"Our mission is to consolidate our presence in the travel sector through products focused on smart travellers, on the move and in need of something more than the usual travel guide or the usual travel search engines ...," said Federico Pisanty. With bases both in Milan and Barcelona, RailorFly.com business model combines travel agency commissions, advertising revenues and readaptation of the application for other, mainly mobile, platforms.

So to answer, whenever and wherever, the bothersome question: should I rail or should I fly?


A project by: TM - Tipi Metropolitani(R) Ph +39-02-30-35-66-76 Fax +39-02-30-35-66-77 [email protected] http://www.tipimetropolitani.it



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