Terrabon Inc. Awarded $9.6 Million by Logos Technologies to Produce 6,000 Liters of Renewable Jet Fuel for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Dépèche transmise le 25 juillet 2011 par Business Wire

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Terrabon, Inc., a Houston-based bioenergy company, announced today that it has been awarded a $9.6 million, 18-month contract by Logos Technologies to design a more economical and renewable jet fuel (BioJetTM) production solution for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Logos Technologies delivers innovative technology like that of DARPA’s renewable jet fuel initiative for the government and commercial clients. DARPA is an agency of the United States Department of Defense.

Started in April of 2011, a customized production process for DARPA will be engineered, constructed and operated at Terrabon’s Bryan, TX demonstration facility in an effort to yield 6,000 liters of jet fuel through the use of the company’s advanced bio-refining technology MixAlco®, in preparation for commercialization of this technology.

“An important focus of this DARPA effort is to produce a sustainable, cost-effective, non-fossil-fuel-based solution to support the military’s jet fuel needs. We thoroughly reviewed many potential processes and solutions for this initiative, and came to the conclusion that this goal can best be achieved with help of Terrabon and their mixed alcohol oligomerization pathway, MixAlco®,” said Dr. Greg Poe, CEO, Logos Technologies.

MixAlco® converts low-cost, readily available, non-food, non-sterile biomass into valuable chemicals such as acetic acid, ketones and alcohols that can be processed into renewable fuels.

“Our country continues to be in need of finding alternative energy solutions to one day achieve independence from foreign resources. Therefore, this project is a major milestone along that journey for DARPA, Logos and Terrabon, and further validates the market demand for companies like ours to assist the government in the creation of innovative and cost-effective biofuel technologies to produce green jet fuel and other hydrocarbons,” said Gary Luce, CEO, of Terrabon.

About Terrabon, Inc.

Terrabon, Inc. is a bioenergy technology company formed in 1995 to commercialize three technologies developed by the Texas Engineering Experiment Station, a member of the Texas A&M University System. Terrabon plans to deploy these cutting-edge technologies through licensing and joint venture arrangements. Its MixAlco® technology converts biomass to green gasoline. AdVe™ is a water desalination process that utilizes advanced vapor-compression evaporation to desalinate salt water into potable water. SoluPro™ is a bio-products process that converts inexpensive protein-bearing waste material into animal feed and "green" commercial adhesives. These technologies are exclusively licensed to Terrabon by the Texas A&M University System through its Office of Technology Commercialization. Please visit Terrabon’s website at www.terrabon.com.

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