'Sales in the Global UAV Flight Training and Simulation Market will be Worth $375m in 2011' says New visiongain Defence Industry Report

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The UAV Flight Training & Simulation Market 2011-2021 report from Visiongain offers a comprehensive analysis of the global market for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator flight training & simulation products and services, ranging from unmanned aircraft system (UAS) simulators to live UAV flight training courses. Visiongain's calculations indicate that sales in the global UAV flight training and simulation market will be worth $375m in 2011.

Rapid growth in demand for the critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data provided by UAVs has been driving procurement of new platforms and in turn fuelling rising demand for trained operators. Governments around the world have been investing in a range of training capabilities in an effort to meet this demand.

Visiongain's analysis demonstrates that the global UAV flight training and simulation market is a growing marketplace offering opportunities that could lead to a range of companies realising commercial success, from the major global defence and security systems integrators to specialist UAV flight training & simulation consultancies.

As the leading operator of UAVs, the US dominates the global UAV flight training & simulation market. But there are also contracting opportunities in Europe and elsewhere in the world, with armed forces struggling to expand their training capabilities as unmanned systems technology continues to advance very rapidly.

How is spending on high-fidelity UAV simulators likely to be affected as government budgets continue to come under intense pressure? What role will simulation play in future training programmes? What are the prospects for opening up civilian airspace for UAV training flights? Visiongain seeks to answer these critical questions and many more through the in-depth, thorough and comprehensive analyses presented within The UAV Flight Training & Simulation Market 2011-2021report.

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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1.1 Key Drivers and Restraints 1.2 Highlights of the Report 1.3 Methods 1.4 The Global UAV Market 2011-2021 1.5 UAV Submarkets 2011-2021 1.6 Leading National UAV Markets 2011-2021 1.7 Leading UAV Companies 2. Introduction to the UAV Market 2.1 UAVs Now a Key Part of Military Operations and Formations 2.2 New Missions for UAVs in the Future 2.3 Types of UAVs 2.3.1 High Altitude, Long Endurance (HALE) UAVs 2.3.2 Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs 2.3.3 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) 2.3.4 Tactical UAVs 2.3.5 Small UAVs 3. The Global UAV Market 3.1 Key UAV Submarkets 3.1.1 MALE UAVs 3.1.2 HALE UAVs 3.1.3 UCAVs 3.1.4 Tactical UAVs 3.1.5 Small UAVs 3.2 MALE UAVs Lead Submarkets; Followed by HALE UAVs and UCAVs 3.3 Specialised UAV Segments 3.3.1 VTOL UAVs to Take Off 3.3.2 Smooth Sailing for Naval UAVs 3.3.3 Civil UAVs Aim to Break Out 3.4 Leading National UAV Markets 3.5 Leading UAV Companies in 2010, Overall Sales 3.5.1 Leading Companies in HALE UAVs 3.5.2 Leading Companies in MALE UAVs 3.5.3 Leading Companies in UCAVs 3.5.4 Leading Companies in Tactical UAVs 3.5.5 Leading Companies in Small UAVs 4. Leading National UAV Markets 4.1 US UAV Market Forecast 4.2 Significant US UAV Programmes 4.2.1 HALE UAVs 4.2.2 MALE UAVs 4.2.3 UCAVs 4.2.4 Tactical UAVs 4.2.5 Small UAVs 4.3 UK UAV Market Forecast 4.4 Significant UK UAV Programmes 4.4.1 HALE UAVs 4.4.2 MALE UAVs 4.4.3 UCAVs 4.4.4 Tactical UAVs 4.4.5 Small UAVs 4.5 Chinese UAV Market Forecast 4.6 Significant Chinese UAV Programmes 4.6.1 HALE UAVs 4.6.2 MALE UAVs 4.6.3 UCAVs 4.6.4 Tactical UAVs 4.6.5 Small UAVs 4.7 French UAV Market Forecast 4.8 Significant French UAV Programmes 4.8.1 MALE UAVs 4.8.2 UCAVs 4.8.3 Tactical UAVs 4.8.4 Small UAVs 4.9 Indian UAV Market Forecast 4.10 Significant Indian UAV Programmes 4.10.1 HALE UAVs 4.10.2 MALE UAVs 4.10.3 UCAVs 4.10.4 Tactical UAVs 4.10.5 Small UAVs 4.11 German UAV Market Forecast 4.12 Significant German UAV Programmes 4.12.1 HALE UAVs 4.12.2 MALE UAVs 4.12.3 Tactical UAVs 4.12.4 Small UAVs 4.13 Israeli UAV Market Forecast 4.14 Significant Israeli UAV Programmes 4.14.1 MALE UAVs 4.14.2 Tactical UAVs 4.14.3 Small UAVs 4.15 Italian UAV Market Forecast 4.16 Significant Italian UAV Programmes 4.16.1 HALE UAVs 4.16.2 MALE UAVs 4.16.3 UCAVs 4.16.4 Tactical UAVs 4.16.5 Small UAVs 4.17 South Korean UAV Market Forecast 4.18 Significant South Korean UAV Programmes 4.18.1 HALE UAVs 4.18.2 MALE UAVs 4.18.3 UCAVs 4.18.4 Tactical UAVs 4.19 Japanese UAV Market Forecast 4.20 Significant Japanese UAV Programmes 4.20.1 HALE UAVs 4.20.2 Tactical UAVs 4.20.3 Small UAVs 4.21 Canadian UAV Market Forecast 4.22 Significant Canadian UAV Programmes 4.22.1 HALE UAVs 4.22.2 MALE UAVs 4.22.3 Tactical UAVs 4.22.4 Small UAVs 4.23 Turkish UAV Market Forecast 4.24 Significant Turkish UAV Programmes 4.24.1 MALE UAVs 4.24.2 Small UAVs 4.25 Australian UAV Market Forecast 4.26 Significant Australian UAV Programmes 4.26.1 MALE UAVs 4.26.2 Tactical UAVs 4.26.3 Small UAVs 4.27 Russian UAV Market Forecast 4.28 Significant Russian UAV Programmes 4.28.1 MALE UAVs 4.28.2 Tactical UAVs 4.28.3 Small UAVs 4.29 Brazilian UAV Market Forecast 4.30 Significant Brazilian UAV Programmes 4.30.1 MALE UAVs 4.30.2 Tactical UAVs 4.30.3 Small UAVs 4.31 Singaporean UAV Market Forecast 4.32 Significant Singaporean UAV Programmes 4.32.1 MALE UAVs 4.32.2 Tactical UAVs 4.32.3 Small UAVs 4.33 Spanish UAV Market Forecast 4.34 Significant Spanish UAV Programmes 4.34.1 MALE UAVs 4.34.2 UCAVs 4.34.3 Tactical UAVs 4.34.4 Small UAVs 4.35 UAE UAV Market Forecast 4.36 Significant UAE UAV Programmes 4.36.1 HALE UAVs 4.36.2 MALE UAVs 4.36.3 Tactical UAVs 4.37 Pakistani UAV Market Forecast 4.38 Significant Pakistani UAV Programmes 4.38.1 Tactical UAVs 4.39 Swedish UAV Market Forecast 4.40 Significant Swedish UAV Programmes 4.40.1 UCAVs 4.40.2 Tactical UAVs 5. SWOT Analysis of the UAV Market 2011-2021 6. Expert Opinion 6.1 AeroVironment 6.1.1 Defence Spending Cuts and the UAV Market 6.1.2 Impact of Planned Withdrawal from Iraq, Afghanistan on UAV Market 6.1.3 Saturation of UAV Market 6.1.4 Market for Small UAVs 6.1.5 Ground Forces' Demand for Small UAVs 6.1.6 Limiting Factor to UAV Growth 6.1.7 Competition in Small UAV Market 6.1.8 Enhancing Capabilities of UAVs 6.1.9 Status of Global Observer 6.1.10 Future Demand for Global Observer 6.1.11 Global Observer in Relation to Large UAVs 6.1.12 Global Observer Payload 6.1.13 Airships and UAVs 6.1.14 Civilian Market for UAVs 6.2 Schiebel Corporation 6.2.1 Impact of Defence Spending Cuts 6.2.2 Global Growth in Demand for UAVs 6.2.3 Demand for Camcopter S-100 6.2.4 Competition in the UAV Market 6.2.5 A Bigger Camcopter? 6.2.6 VTOL UAVs for Naval Applications 6.2.7 Growth in Civilian UAV Market 7. Leading Companies in the UAV Market 7.1 AAI Corporation 7.2 Aeronautics Ltd 7.3 AeroVironment 7.4 Alenia Aeronautica 7.5 Aurora Flight Sciences 7.6 BAE Systems 7.7 Bell Helicopter 7.8 Boeing Defense, Space & Security 7.9 Cassidian (EADS) 7.10 CybAero AB 7.11 Dassault Aviation 7.12 Elbit Systems 7.13 Electronik Systems Logistik GmbH (ESG) 7.14 Embraer 7.15 EMT 7.16 General Atomics Aeronautics Systems Inc (GA-ASI) 7.17 Honeywell Engineering 7.18 Innocon Ltd 7.19 Insitu 7.20 Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)-MALAT 7.21 Kaman Aerospace Corporation 7.22 Korean Air - Aerospace Division (ASD) 7.23 Lockheed Martin Corporation 7.24 Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems 7.25 Rheinmetall Defence Systems 7.26 Ruag Aerospace 7.27 Saab Aerosystems 7.28 Sagem Défense Sécurité 7.29 Schiebel Corporation 7.30 Thales UK 8. Conclusions 8.1 Key Drivers and Restraints 8.2 MALE UAVs Comprise Leading Submarket; UCAVs, HALE UAVs to Soar 8.3 Strong Growth for Specialised UAV Segments 8.4 US Dominates UAV Demand as Other Countries Try to Catch Up 9. Glossary

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