Proximex Joins with Physical Security Experts To Spread PSIM Message

Dépèche transmise le 11 mars 2009 par Business Wire

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Proximex, the leading developer of award-winning products for the physical security information management (PSIM) market, today announced that company executives have been chosen alongside industry experts to educate audiences on the topic of PSIM at industry events. As the PSIM market leader, Proximex was chosen to speak at TechSec Solutions in February and will present in three different sessions at ISC West 2009.

"PSIM is important for every company to understand, whether they are large or small, high profile or stealth," said Jack Smith, CEO for Proximex. "PSIM provides business value which is especially important in today’s economy as organizations become more frugal with their budgets but are still required to deliver sound security practices. A good PSIM solution uses information from multiple security systems to make better security, operational and business decisions. Every organization needs a PSIM solution and whatever size company you have, there's a level of PSIM that's right for you."

In February, at the fifth annual TechSec Solutions conference, Proximex Principal Field Engineer Al Liebl presented the highlights of PSIM technology as part of the "IP Technology Lightning Round." In April at ISC West 2009, Proximex will participate on 3 different conference sessions: "Selecting the Best PSIM Solution for Your Customer" with Al Liebl; "Best Practices in Designing Security Operations Centers (SOCs)" with Proximex CEO Jack Smith and industry experts Ray Bernard (RCBS) and James Connor (N2N Secure); and "Selling Security Convergence - Understanding the Skills Gap" with VP Worldwide Sales Patrick Reilly and moderated by Dan Dunkel of New Era Associates, Inc.

"It doesn't matter what type of system the information is coming from, it's no good unless you are able to manage that information -- and that's where PSIM comes in," said Ray Bernard, president of RBCS, Inc. "If you can't accurately answer the question 'What happened?', then the information you have is useless. If you can't quickly respond in an effective manner, you are at higher risk. PSIM brings all of the information together into one environment, automates actions and applies experience rules so you can deal with the unfolding situation and take immediate action."

For details about these opportunities, visit the Proximex web site at www.proximex.com and click on the "Events" link.

About Proximex

Proximex leads the physical security information management (PSIM) market by leveraging its innovative IT software expertise to drive security transformation and create synergy between logical and physical security departments. Its flagship product, Proximex Surveillint™, won the 2008 New Product Showcase award in the Convergence category from the Security Industry Association and was named a finalist in the 2008 New Product of the Year award from Access Control & Security Systems. Surveillint powers users with an intelligent and flexible system to discover, connect and resolve security incidents fast. The impressive user interface (UI), business logic capability and open-architecture make Surveillint the preferred choice of security users at all levels within an organization, including operators, supervisors and executive management. Surveillint customers include defense, transportation and commercial entities with an urgent need to manage information from disparate security systems, improve operational efficiencies and reduce security risk. Privately held, Proximex is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with offices in Texas, Tennessee and Colorado. For more information about Proximex, visit http://www.proximex.com.

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