TDG Aerospace’s UFI® Selected by Hawker Beechcraft For Hawker 4000 Electrical Fault Safety Compliance

Dépèche transmise le 25 mars 2009 par Business Wire

ESCONDIDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TDG Aerospace, Inc. announced today that its UFI® (Universal Fault Interrupter) has been selected by Hawker Beechcraft Corporation to monitor and protect electrical circuits in Hawker's revolutionary new composite Hawker 4000 twin jet. Hawker is the first business aircraft manufacturer to select TDG's patented UFI® technology to protect its fuel pump systems from electrical faults. At least ten major U.S. airlines have selected the UFI® for mandatory airworthiness compliance in their fleets and hundreds of UFI® units are currently installed on commercial aircraft and operating in the U.S. and Europe.

UFI® is a low cost, lightweight, and highly reliable device that provides multiple layers of protection. The UFI® protects aircraft fuel pump systems from electrical faults, extended dry pump operation, and un-commanded pump operation. UFI® delivers a regulatory compliance solution to Hawker Beechcraft for its newly certified aircraft.

UFI® was initially designed to help commercial aircraft operators comply with regulatory mandates for fuel system safety. It is the only technology of its kind certified to 14 CFR 25.981 (Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations), Amendment 102. The UFI® has rapidly gained acceptance among both transport and business aircraft manufacturers for use in new aircraft designs certified under FAR Part 25 (Federal Aviation Regulations). All new Part 25 aircraft designs must comply with this latest Amendment to 14 CFR 25.981.

TDG has developed FAA-approved UFI® solutions for Boeing 757 and 737-NG series aircraft and approval of TDG's UFI® for the Boeing 767 is expected soon.

Gerald Bench, president of TDG Aerospace, commented on the announcement, “Hawker Beechcraft's choice of the UFI® for use in its advanced Hawker 4000 twinjet is a significant endorsement of the UFI® technology. TDG is pleased that Hawker Beechcraft has joined our growing list of customers.”

TDG Aerospace, Inc. manufactures fire and ice prevention solutions for commercial aircraft. These systems enable major airlines to improve safety and save money through greater fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and faster turnaround times. TDG Aerospace’s NOFOD™ Clear Ice Prevention System prevents the formation of cold-soaked wing ice. The company’s patented UFI® devices protect aircraft fuel pump systems from electrical faults, extended dry pump operation, and un-commanded pump operation.

For more information, contact TDG Aerospace at 545 Corporate Drive, Escondido, California 92029; call 760-466-1040; or visit www.tdgaerospace.com.

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