Axcess’ Port Security Infrastructure System Successfully Secures Fifth Summit of the Americas

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Axcess’ Port Security Infrastructure System Successfully Secures Fifth Summit of the Americas

Axcess’ Port Security Infrastructure System Successfully Secures Fifth Summit of the Americas

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Axcess International Inc. (OTCBB: AXSI), the leader in Micro-Wireless systems for automated identification, tracking and sensing, announced today that it successfully implemented its comprehensive security system at the Port of Port of Spain in Trinidad & Tobago where the Fifth Summit of the Americas Conference was held April 17-19. Axcess’ advanced system, using distributed wireless sensors including personnel tracking, WMD sensing and individualized scanning, performed as the primary security system for security personnel and was used to blanket the Port with broad security threat detection and response capabilities in an unprecedented fashion. The combination of security personnel and the advanced system successfully secured the Port during the Conference hosting 34 Hemispheric Heads of Government including U.S. President Barack Obama.

The primary objectives of Axcess’ system were to leverage the existing security personnel resources to enhance security and safety for the conference attendees and to form a foundation for the security of ongoing port operations. For security purposes, the system specifics remain confidential. Some of the augmented elements included wireless personnel automatic identification and tracking; wireless sensors for toxic chemicals, gases and radiation; an automated threat analysis and response notification system; and scanning for metal objects and other threats on personnel and in baggage. Beyond the deterrence generated by the presence of Axcess’ comprehensive system, the inclusion of multiple scanning capabilities prevented threats from entering the port property. Wireless monitoring of critical personnel and wireless weapons of mass destruction sensors distributed around the facility provided an overlay of automated threat detection, analysis and response.

The leaders of the democratic nations of the Hemisphere met at the Fifth Summit of the Americas to consider the most important issues facing the region and to advance collective solutions in pursuit of a higher quality of life for all citizens. This year’s conference was themed as: Securing Our Citizens’ Future by Promoting Human Prosperity, Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability. U.S. President Obama discussed topics including safety and security, collaborative working relationships, energy and climate change and the economic crisis. A primary topic of the high profile conference was security in the oil-rich region where the leaders reinforced their support for improving security solutions to combat terrorist threats, organized crime, drug trafficking and other risks. Axcess’ RFID system formed a real life example of how comprehensive advanced technology security solutions can be implemented economically and reliably. Axcess provided a similar RFID solution for Barbados Port Inc. to improve its security beginning when it hosted the Cricket World Cup Games 2007.

“We have been working for some time to make our port highly secure and safe using the latest proven technologies,” commented Chris Mendez, CEO of the Port Authority of Trinidad & Tobago. “We were pleased to have Axcess’ system implemented in time to help secure this important conference. Today’s wireless technologies offer a broad range of capabilities proven effective in covering a large expanse such as our Port. We can confidently say we have implemented one of the most comprehensive, state of the art security and safety systems in the region, if not beyond.”

“We had strong, committed support from virtually all port personnel which was necessary for this total team effort,” said Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of Axcess International. “Together, we addressed the security challenge using a classic methodology to provide advanced deterrence, prevention, detection and response. The innovation came from the use of low cost, reliable and distributed wireless sensing and analysis technologies to provide augmented security and safety. For example, our long range RFID-based wireless solutions provided necessary leverage to enable existing security personnel and resources the visibility to cover the vast port facility. We are proud to have had the opportunity to help ensure security for such a high profile event at such a large and complex operation as at the Port of Port of Spain.”

The solutions being provided represent Axcess’ broader Southern and Eastern Caribbean Security Initiative exemplified earlier by the comprehensive advanced security system provided to the Barbados Port Inc. for improved infrastructure security and in support of the 2007 Cricket World Cup Games.

Axcess will present a free webinar on May 5, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. (CDT), that focuses on how to solve security issues facing ports using the latest automated Micro-Wireless sensing and surveillance techniques. Click to sign up at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/415736064, or register through the Web site at www.axcessinc.com.

About Axcess International Inc.

Axcess International Inc. (OTCBB: AXSI) provides wireless automatic identification and sensing solutions for real-time business activity automation. When embedded into vehicle passes, property tags, personnel badges and sensors, its revolutionary and patented Micro-Wireless technology enables automatic local-area wireless data collection and control applications. The systems improve productivity, security and safety and enable personalized education and entertainment. Typical applications include: “hands-free” access control, automatic advanced workforce management, immersive entertainment, workflow management, asset monitoring and distributed sensing. Axcess is a portfolio company of Amphion Innovations plc (AIM: AMP). For more information on Axcess, visit www.axcessinc.com.

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