Blue Sky Network Chosen by NHV for Around-the-Clock Helicopter Location Monitoring and Communications

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Blue Sky Network Chosen by NHV for Around-the-Clock Helicopter Location Monitoring and Communications

Blue Sky Network Chosen by NHV for Around-the-Clock Helicopter Location Monitoring and Communications

LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blue Sky Network, a leading global provider of mobile asset management and fleet management solutions using GPS tracking, today announced Belgian Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen (NHV) selected Blue Sky Network’s satellite tracking and communication solution for use aboard its work and transport helicopters, which include Dauphin, Explorer and Calibri models. These new technologies will help keep copter pilots and passengers safe and in constant communication with land and other air personnel as they work throughout the day and night.

As NHV assists with everything from offshore hoisting and deck landings to medical transport, Blue Sky Network’s D1000A with ACH1000 provides global satellite tracking while enabling two-way voice and text messaging for pilots aboard the aircraft. The convenience of the ACH1000 allows the pilot or co-pilot to take calls directly through the headset and make calls with the ease of speed dial.

Designed for fixed installation or complete portability, the D1000A device tracks NHV’s helicopter flight paths in near real-time using the Iridium Satellite Network and a built-in GPS sensor. It’s also equipped with a ‘Quick Position’ mayday alert button that allows pilots to notify ground personnel instantly if an emergency arises during the flight.

“Having tracking and communication support aboard our helicopters will surely make our jobs easier and more secure,” said Bertrand Bril, CMO of NHV. “There are no longer unknown variables, as our helicopters are tracked and communication channels are always open.”

Working throughout Belgium and surrounding countries, NHV also uses Blue Sky Network’s unique SkyRouter to ensure its helicopters are always on the grid. The SkyRouter Web portal provides near real time location reporting for online monitoring of assets anywhere on Earth. Managers are able to easily monitor and communicate with pilots from their desks or anywhere with Internet access.

“The NHV deployment is another example of our increasing presence around the globe,” says Carlton van Putten, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Blue Sky Network. “We are proud to continue our expansion with NHV by helping them manage their helicopters and ensure they can always communicate with their aircrew, regardless of time or location.”

About Blue Sky Network

Blue Sky Network is a leading global provider of voice and data services via the Iridium satellite network. Our aviation, marine and vehicle products for GPS tracking, real time flight tracking and fleet management provide reliable fleet tracking and communication services. Blue Sky Network’s solutions serve the Aviation, Oil and Gas, Government, Forestry, Mining, Supply Chain Management and Intermodal Transportation markets. Founded in 2001, Blue Sky Network is headquartered in La Jolla, California with customers and distributors worldwide. For more information about our company and solutions, visit the Blue Sky Network website at www.blueskynetwork.com.

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