MedAire Helps Airlines Address Passenger Complaints Related to Disabilities

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MedAire Helps Airlines Address Passenger Complaints Related to Disabilities

MedAire Helps Airlines Address Passenger Complaints Related to Disabilities

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Through its new Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) Assistance Service, global medical services provider MedAire Inc. (www.MedAire.com) is working alongside commercial airlines, the U.S. Department of Transportation and assistance organizations to provide equal access to the skies for those with disabilities.

The CRO Assistance Service was developed in response to the newly revised U.S. Department of Transportation’s Air Carrier’s Access Act (ACAA) regulations that prohibit discrimination in air travel on the basis of an individual’s disability (U.S. Title 14 CFR Part 382). As part of the new legislation, affected carriers must appoint at least one CRO who addresses passenger complaints related to disabilities. In addition, the carrier must provide a response to the complainant within the mandated timeframe and provide reports to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

MedAire’s CRO Assistance Service is designed to help air carriers quickly and efficiently respond to complaints in a manner consistent with the ACAA. In situations where a report is required, MedAire’s experts will assist with formulating timely, written responses to complainants within the rule’s mandatory timelines. The CRO Assistance Service includes:

  • A 24-hour hotline that links airline personnel to a team of MedAire professionals with years of compliance experience and expertise in handling thousands of related passenger fitness-to-fly issues. The hotline:

    • Provides airline personnel with proactive answers to ACAA-related inquiries
    • Offers two-way communication between MedAire’s trained ACAA assistants and the airlines’ CROs when a resolution cannot be resolved by the airline representative at the gate
  • A systematic approach for timely writing, reviewing and filing of mandatory ACAA regulation reports
  • Storage of call data, allowing for monthly statistical reporting of events related to the ACAA, as well as case summaries and data trends

“MedAire’s CRO Assistance Service will ultimately contribute to the success of the ACAA legislation that aims to improve commercial airline access to passengers with special needs by preparing airlines to properly accommodate passengers with disabilities,” said Grant Jeffery, MedAire CEO. “The service will also result in consistent and timely responses to and reporting of complaints.”

In addition to the CRO Assistance Service, MedAire also offers ACAA compliance training to airlines, airports and airline service providers. For more information, visit MedAire.com.

The ACAA Rule

Adopted in May 2008, the revised ACAA rule applies to all U.S. carrier operations and some non-U.S. carrier operations. Airlines are also required to ensure compliance from their vendors and contractors. The rule requires airlines to make accommodations for the use of portable oxygen concentrators and other respiratory assistive devices, as well as accommodations for deaf or hard-of-hearing passengers. Visit the government website for details regarding the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Air Carrier’s Access Act, U.S. Title 14 CFR Part 382. Specific information about the role of the Complaints Resolution Official can be found in sub-part K, Part 382.151 and Part 382.153.

About MedAire

MedAire (MedAire.com), an International SOS company, provides a life-saving, integrated solution of remote medical expertise, education, and equipment for travelers in the aviation and maritime industries. Since 1986, the company has prepared its clients with knowledge, confidence, and the right resources and advice to handle remote medical situations. Using 22 years of medical incident data, MedAire continuously develops up-to-date and internationally-compliant products and services to meet the unique needs of the remote traveler. MedAire offers 24/7 direct telephone access to emergency care doctors, medical training, medical kits and defibrillators.

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