FlightView Shares Five Sure Ways to Survive the Summer Travel Season

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FlightView Shares Five Sure Ways to Survive the Summer Travel Season

FlightView Shares Five Sure Ways to Survive the Summer Travel Season

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Travelers can count on a 7.2% drop in airline capacity as the summer travel season starts – smaller planes with fewer seats and less flights. No matter what comes: bad weather, equipment issues or traffic delays, alternative options are becoming harder to come by.

FlightView shares 5 ways to secure travel plans, prep for changes – and feel good about it all:

1. Power up your mobile device (any device will do) – iPhone? Pre? Blackberry Storm? The most accurate, up-to-the minute information is at the ready – track, change and get where you’re going.

2. Plan travel wisely – Chicago and Dallas are notorious for late afternoon thunderstorms and long waits on the tarmac. FlightView offers compelling proof – even during the summer months, more than half of all flight delays at Dallas and Chicago (more than 60%) are due to bad weather.1

3. Know your alternatives. Have flight numbers, Web addresses and phone numbers at the ready for a change in plans. You can find out where your aircraft is coming from by checking gate information. If you know where your aircraft is coming from, you can track progress and optimize connections.

4. Practice savvy traveler etiquette. Help fellow gate-dwellers. You never know who might be a good sales prospect or willing to trade rounds of drinks in the bar. Once you’ve rebooked or made new arrangements, share the wealth.

5. Board the plane before those doors close and tweet about how smart you are. Whether you changed your flight plans or knew where your plane was and when you could expect it – go on, brag. Make sure to share your tips with fellow travelers and let them know that your travel plans were always in your control.

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About FlightView

FlightView is the recognized provider of the most accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industries. FlightView’s mobile, Dispatch and FVXML products help aviation and travel professionals achieve superior customer service with actionable real-time information. FlightView’s information displays can be seen at airport terminals and on the Web sites of the largest major airports, airline and travel companies. FlightView’s software services and solutions are relied upon by the US government, the world’s largest airlines, airports, aviation and travel professionals, ground transportation companies and news outlets. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, FlightView has more than 20 years of experience in building and supporting mission-critical systems for the FAA and the Volpe Center. To access real-time flight information online, visit FlightView Flight Tracker or FlightView Mobile Flight Tracker.

1 Based on data for the last 6 years.

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