Naked Airline CEO Proves He Has Nothing To Hide

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Naked Airline CEO Proves He Has Nothing To Hide

Naked Airline CEO Proves He Has Nothing To Hide

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Naked women surrounding Richard Branson is no surprise, but what about a naked airline CEO exposing himself to more than 900,000 viewers online? Air New Zealand’s CEO, Rob Fyfe did just that in the company’s new ad campaign, joining seven body-painted employees to show that his company has nothing to hide.

The 45-second commercial, intended for national TV in New Zealand, has struck a global chord with disenfranchised consumers, spreading the viral word that they are tired of airlines charging additional for baggage check, beverage service – all but a wink and a smile.

In the ultimate gesture of transparency, Fyfe is issuing the challenge to other CEOs to strip down and prove their business practices have as little to hide as his.

“Consumers today demand radical transparency from companies, and rightly so,” said Air New Zealand CEO Rob Fyfe. “Along with Air New Zealand employees, I took off all my clothes to demonstrate in a remarkable way that Air New Zealand staff have nothing to hide and in fact have good reason to feel pride. I'd love other CEOs to follow suit if it would help consumers to feel more confident in organizations!”

The TV and online creative concept stemmed from a positive response to the carrier’s New Zealand airport billboards, depicting real pilots in body paint. While eight employees were selected to bare all, more than 90 Air New Zealanders participated in the making of the commercial – both on and off camera. Advertising agency .99 is responsible for the concept, with Exposure credited with the execution. The soundtrack used for the commercial is “Under my Skin” by New Zealand artist, Gin Wigmore.

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