National Computer Liquidators Rebrands, Emerging: The IT Asset Management Group

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National Computer Liquidators Rebrands, Emerging: The IT Asset Management Group

National Computer Liquidators Rebrands, Emerging: The IT Asset Management Group

PLAINVIEW, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--National Computer Liquidators was founded in September, 1999, celebrating its 10th successful year in business. The company was established to provide businesses an equitable solution to the disposition of Excess IT Assets, offering CIO’s and CTO’s an environmentally sound disposal method, while eliminating the risks associated with improper data destruction. In early 2009, continued organizational growth effectuated staffing increases, broadening the scope of services offered by the company, and prompting a major multi-phase re-branding initiative. NCL emerged triumphantly as The IT Asset Management Group.

The company’s newly created Mission Statement, cited below, is indicative of it’s commitment to Safe and Environmentally Responsible Data Destruction and Electronics Disposition.

MISSION STATEMENT: To be the preferred it asset recovery & recycling partner for North America’s leading businesses by offering a full suite of it asset management solutions to organizations wishing to maximize the return on their IT investment, while significantly minimizing the risk and liability associated with safe and environmentally responsible data destruction and electronics disposition.

When asked whether the state of the current economy has impacted his business, Richard Sommers, President of The IT Asset Management Group states, “Unlike so many privately held businesses today, IT Asset Management Group is extremely fortunate to report continued growth during an unstable economic period. Staff Size has increased consistently throughout the last three calendar years. The company has experienced growth in all facets of its Executive, Administrative, and Operational Staff. A 2008 SWOT Analysis prompted organizational changes that will position us for an even more successful future.”

Responsible for the re-branding initiative is the company’s Vice President of Marketing + Corporate Communications, Lisa M. DeMarco. Recently asked which industries the company’s services are best suited for, Lisa had this to say: “IT Asset Management is held to the strictest of standards,exceeding those set fourth by The Department of Defense 5220.22-M, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.We partner with customers in every major industry and understand the unique requirements associated with each of these industries. We consistently exceed the strict compliance and regulatory demands of each of these markets.” She went on to discuss competitive advantage with the reporter. “There are never hidden costs involved. We do not charge for pick-up of equipment that can be re-marketed. Our clients are never charged additionally for recycling, or standard data destruction, which is always done on-site at our facility, significantly minimizing the risks and liabilities associated with Excess IT Asset liquidation. Hard drive shredding is also available, is always performed by OUR staff, on-site at our facility, and is offered at a nominal charge. Whichever method of data destruction is chosen, all existing data is permanently obliterated, on-site at our facility. Data is never transported, guaranteeing continued security and peace-of-mind, leaving our customer confident that all materials can be safely re-marketed or recycled. These factors combined enable IT Asset Management to enjoy a competitive advantage.”

IT Asset Management attributes its successes to strategic business relationships, and a solid business model.

For additional information or a digital copy of this release, Contact: Public Relations Department: 516 681-3550

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