EMS SATCOM, Alnair Aerospace Fzc Announce EASA Certifications

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EMS SATCOM, Alnair Aerospace Fzc Announce EASA Certifications

EMS SATCOM, Alnair Aerospace Fzc Announce EASA Certifications

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--EMS SATCOM, a division of EMS Technologies, Inc., and Alnair Aerospace Fzc, a UAE-based company, announced today the award of the first European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) on EMS SATCOM’s AMT-3800 High-gain Antenna (AMT-3800) and HSD-440 High-speed Data Terminal. The antenna and transceiver were tested and certified on an Asia-based Airbus A319 air transport aircraft. The certification tests were successfully performed by Toulouse-based EAD Aerospace, also responsible for obtaining the antenna’s EASA STC.

The system, “SBB by Alnair,” integrated by Alnair Aerospace, also received a VSTC (Vendor Supplemental Type Certificate) approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). It provides passengers with worldwide high-speed airborne e-mail, voice, internet and Wi-Fi capabilities at affordable prices. It also provides Inmarsat cockpit safety services and Aero H+ voice. Both the AMT-3800 antenna and the HSD-440 terminal are Inmarsat SwiftBroadband type- and system-approved.

“Alnair Aerospace is proud of this achievement, thanks to its partnerships with EMS SATCOM, and EAD Aerospace,” said Regis Dumas, CEO of Alnair Aerospace. “This STC is easily expandable to also accommodate business and commercial aircraft. We expect it will pave the way for high-end connectivity. The EMS SATCOM eNfusion® antenna is well-suited to the air transport market.”

“EMS SATCOM is the first to provide the SwiftBroadband high-gain antenna and SwiftBroadband transceiver solution to the worldwide aeronautical market,” says EMS SATCOM Director of Commercial Sales, Jean Menard. “This new EASA certification builds on our commitment to deliver off-the-shelf solutions, and we are pleased to work with Alnair Aerospace to enter this up-and-coming market.”

More about the System

Designed and manufactured by EMS SATCOM, the AMT-3800 high-gain, low-profile, Inmarsat antenna is a two-LRU solution. That means it’s ARINC 781 and ARINC 741 compliant, and holds dual SwiftBroadband Inmarsat type approvals. The antenna is also compliant with multi-channel Aero-H, Swift 64 and SwiftBroadband services, as well as with a large number of communication systems. Certifications are also in place for the Boeing MD-87, B737, BBJ, B757, B767, Global Express, Dash-8 and in process for the Tupolev 204 and Airbus A-340, and A-320; held by EMS SATCOM dealers.

EMS SATCOM also designs and manufactures the HSD-440 transceiver. It uses a single avionics unit to add both SwiftBroadband cabin services and cockpit/safety services to an aircraft. The unit's integrated High Power Amplifier (HPA) and two transceiver subsystems provide maximum communications flexibility and redundancy. The HSD-440 terminal supports channels for ACARS, Aero H+ voice and Inmarsat SwiftBroadband cabin services. The unit has an automatic fallback to Swift 64 services over the I-3 satellites network, for ultimate reliability, and is Inmarsat SwiftBroadband type approved.

About Alnair Aerospace

Established in 2007 and based in the UAE, Alnair Aerospace FZC has developed unique skills to offer the Business and Commercial Aviation markets state-of-the-art retrofit turnkey solutions, including STCs in cabin interiors and systems such as Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and SwiftBroadband Communication Systems. For more information, visit www.alnair-aerospace.aero.

About EAD Aerospace

EAD Aerospace, established in France and USA since 1998, has developed a huge amount of EASA/FAA STCs not only in avionics, but also on airframe and in the cabin, including VIP completions. For more information, visit www.ead-aerospace.com.


EMS SATCOM, a division of EMS Technologies, is a leading supplier of high-speed data communications equipment for a broad range of commercial and military aircraft. Applications include voice, e-mail, videoconferencing and Internet connectivity. Its satellite-based terminals, antennas and networking equipment are also deployed on vehicles and used by Search and Rescue organizations. Visit www.emssatcom.com or www.ems-t.com for more information.

NOTE TO EDITORS: EMS SATCOM is exhibiting at the Paris Air Show in the Canadian Pavilion Hall 3, Stand F37.

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