Spectrum San Diego to Showcase CarSCAN™ Drive-Through Security Screening System at TranSec World Expo

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Spectrum San Diego to Showcase CarSCAN™ Drive-Through Security Screening System at TranSec World Expo

Spectrum San Diego to Showcase CarSCAN™ Drive-Through Security Screening System at TranSec World Expo

AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Spectrum San Diego, a proven innovator in the high-tech security screening market, today introduced CarSCAN™, an ultra-low-dose dual-energy X-ray imaging system providing rapid and reliable detection of explosives, contraband and stowaways in cars and light trucks. CarSCAN significantly increases detection capabilities at transport security checkpoints and other high-security locations. Concealed threats are quickly identified in vehicles traveling at normal checkpoint speeds, reducing wait times at border crossings and other high-volume inspection points.

The company will feature CarSCAN for the first time in Europe at the 2009 Transportation Security Expo and Conference (TranSec), in Amsterdam at TheAmsterdam RAIElicium Hall June 3-4, 2009.

CarSCAN’s patent pending technology provides actionable information to security personnel at ports, airports, border crossings, military bases, embassies and other critical government and private facilities. The vehicle being inspected drives through the CarSCAN archway and the scanned image is displayed on the security officer’s monitor, much the same as an airport baggage scanner. Unlike previous generation vehicle scanners, dual-energy transmission imaging penetrates through the entire vehicle, greatly minimizing blind spots and highlighting potential threats in easily understandable color-coded images.

“CarSCAN is a breakthrough in vehicle screening technology, offering a valuable new security tool to aviation, maritime and other government agencies,” said Dr. Steven W. Smith, president and technical director of Spectrum San Diego. “Passengers remain safely inside the vehicle, allowing a thorough inspection with the highest throughput. We are pleased to introduce CarSCAN to TranSec attendees.”

CarSCAN meets recognized safety standards for the X-ray screening of vehicles containing passengers. Its small footprint allows the CarSCAN archway to be installed into an existing traffic lane. Minimal manpower and time are required for installation and operational training. Since only a few hours are necessary to set up and dismantle the system, short notice needs and unanticipated security requirements can easily be accommodated. No trenching or build-out of the installation area is necessary. CarSCAN can be operated at an unlimited distance from security personnel to provide standoff blast protection.

You can visit Spectrum San Diego’s TranSec stand at booth C19 from June 3-4, 2009 or to schedule a meeting with company executives, contact [email protected].

About Spectrum San Diego

Spectrum San Diego, Inc. is a high-tech security innovator, specializing in ultra-low-dose X-ray screening systems. Founded in 1998, the company’s technologies focus on the rapid detection of weapons, drugs, stowaways and explosives, including Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). Spectrum San Diego pioneered the use of ultra-low-dose X-ray technology providing revolutionary security solutions to the government, law enforcement and military. Spectrum San Diego has also played a crucial role in the protection and safety of the public, post 9/11, through its CastScope™ screening system, now used in airports across the United States by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The company’s solutions address real world problems, delivering advanced screening and detection capabilities with unparalleled operational efficiency. Products include CarSCAN™, SentryScope™ and CastScope™. The company’s technologies can be found at high security facilities and locations worldwide. For more information, please visit www.spectrumsdi.com.

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