Citybuzz: The Un Tourist City Guide

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Citybuzz: The Un Tourist City Guide

Citybuzz: The Un Tourist City Guide

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citybuzz, the television network in hotels and airports is getting its wings. Partnering with Danoo, Citybuzz will broadcast on the default channel on Continental, Frontier and JetBlue allowing travelers an insiders view of what’s going on coast to coast.

"Travelers watch Citybuzz in the captive environments of their hotel room and airline seat. And they can watch more on Citybuzz.com. It’s not enough to tell sophisticated travelers what's going on in a city. They also want to know where the insiders hang. ...where artist Cindy Sherman likes to shop ...or designer Isaac Mizrahi likes to eat or what's David Schwimmer favorite Chicago night spot. No upscale traveler wants to feel like a tourist." says CEO and founder, Christy Ferer.

Beginning Aug 15, Citybuzz will expand its reach to millions of travelers per month. In-flight audiences of 3 million monthly will add to the 2 million Citybuzz viewers in Chicago and New York City hotels and airports.

Travelers hear designer Isaac Mizrahi on his favorite shopping haunts, Actor David Scwhimmer on his night time picks in Chicago, Jeffrey Lyons on NYC's hot Broadway shows, artist Cindy Sherman on her favorite museum wings and Chef Daniel Boulud on being a foodie in NYC.

According to a Nielsen study, 2 million a month watch Citybuzz in hotels and airports in New York and Chicago. According to airline data, 3 million travelers will get Citybuzz on their default channel. In additional to traditional TV spots, Citybuzz produces advertiser messages and mentions as imbedded travel content.

Citybuzz begins airing on JetBlue Oct.09 and on Frontier and Continental Aug.09.

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