Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. Announces New Mobile Passive Millimeter Wave Security Solution to Meet Heightened Japanese Market Awareness

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Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. Announces New Mobile Passive Millimeter Wave Security Solution to Meet Heightened Japanese Market Awareness

Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. Announces New Mobile Passive Millimeter Wave Security Solution to Meet Heightened Japanese Market Awareness

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., a leading provider of safety, security and theft prevention solutions based on patented passive millimeter wave technology, is showcasing their passive millimeter wave technology and announces its enhanced portable security checkpoint system, MobileScan™ to the Japanese market. Live system demos can be seen October 21-23 at Tokyo Big Sight during SEECAT 09 Exhibition inside booth A: 04. Brijot’s self-contained unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be at operational readiness within minutes.

The MobileScan is easily transported by one person and can be quickly setup for an on-demand deployment. This reduces cost and keeps the criminals off-guard with random screening points. The total turn-key solution is a fully portable passive millimeter wave whole body imager that is equipped with all you need, such as a wireless router and a laptop so users can connect to the system locally (on-site) or remotely. Brijot MobileScan has many customer deployment successes in aviation and customs and multiple high-profile security checkpoints in government and commercial market in Asia, U.S., Middle East, Canada, Mexico, U.K., Russia and other CIS regions.

Asia Managing Director, Jared Laskey stated, “My interest in the Japan market grew significantly after learning Narita International Airport was piloting a prototype passive millimeter wave imager being developed in a joint venture by a local Japanese company, University, and sponsored by their government. Not only did that tell me the Japanese aviation market was evaluating advanced body scanning technologies such as Brijot’s, but they were also conscious of the public’s safety and health in selecting a passive system.”

MobileScan represents the voice of a customer solution. Specifically, a customer procured a large number of units but deployment was delayed almost 2 years. The installations required customer internal approvals and involvement of many departments when making any changes to their infrastructure. The customer came to us with a need and we satisfied it with the MobileScan which requires no changes to existing infrastructure at customer sites. The solution is based on features and benefits that a typical aviation operating checkpoint environment is required for use in contraband enforcement. Brijot security checkpoint systems accurately detects liquids, explosives, drugs, cash, weapons and threats in a checkpoint security environment without any safety concerns or privacy issues.

“The flexibility of the MobileScan to screen at one location and then set-up at another within minutes is something that the security industry has never benefited from before. Brijot is committed to providing solutions to the security challenges faced in Japan and meeting the specific cultural aspects of the region. As we approach the market we can rely on the assistance of our local partners to better understand these key differentiators from doing business in familiar markets such as the U.S. and Europe,” said Mitchel J. Laskey, president and Chief Executive Officer at Brijot.

The MobileScan security checkpoint system is now commercially available to Japan market and stocked for quick shipment

About Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc.

Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc. is a privately held company, with corporate and training offices in Orlando, Florida. The company designs, manufactures, and delivers passive millimeter wave security checkpoint systems for multiple vertical markets and customers around the globe. For more information regarding the MobileScan or any of the Brijot solutions please visit www.brijot.com and for the Japanese localized version visit www.brijot.com/jp.

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