Sustainability to Fuel Sales for Chicago-area Antifreeze Maker

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Sustainability to Fuel Sales for Chicago-area Antifreeze Maker

Sustainability to Fuel Sales for Chicago-area Antifreeze Maker

WOOD DALE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--No doubt the economy is forcing business owners to re-think everything. For most when times are tough going green isn’t as important as earning green. One Chicago-area business owner, though, has determined how to make greener antifreeze products through an improved, environmentally more-friendly operation.

Recycle Technologies, Inc. (RTI) manufactures and sells recycled antifreeze under the MaxSafeTM brand name. MaxSafe antifreeze products are 20% less expensive with a carbon footprint 80% smaller than virgin antifreeze. MaxSafe recycled antifreeze meets or exceeds major OEM industry specifications.

So how’d he do it? A year ago, company founder Gary Gunderson started down a path to make his entire operation greener. He worked with consultants over the last two years to implement systems that lower the company’s consumption across the board. For example, water use per gallon of antifreeze produced has been cut 50%; natural gas & electricity use is down 20%; greenhouse gas emissions are 15% lower; and diesel fuel for his fleet of delivery trucks has been reduced 10%.

Gunderson says there's a two-prong benefit to this; production costs drop and he’s viewed more favorably by customers looking for vendors who are leaders in becoming “greener.”

"We sell recycled products,” Gunderson says. “It makes inherent sense that as a company we’re totally focused on sustainability. It doesn’t matter if we sell to a small auto repair shop or a big company with a corporate fleet. We’ve got a great story to tell on how going green is about doing good and selling more."

RTI customers include major corporations, airlines, fleet operators, contractors, car dealers, utilities, trucking firms and an array of repair and quick lube facilities. Typically, Gunderson’s delivery drivers pick-up used antifreeze and exchange it for new product in a single trip to a customer site. In addition, Gunderson says due to the growth in sales for MaxSafe products the company buys used antifreeze from large industrial users and fleet operators.

“First and foremost, by meeting manufacturers’ specifications, their products help me keep our trucks on the road,” says Joe Markelonis of Barge Terminal Trucking, Joliet(IL). “It’s also important for us to use a recycled product so we know we’re doing our part to help protect the environment.”

Now headed down the sustainability path, Gunderson sees no turning back. “I think the lesson here for any company is how sustainability efforts improve profitability by reducing costs for resources,” Gunderson says. “This is just good business for us because we believe that our customers are moving toward making decisions based on sustainability actions if quality, price and service are close to the competition.”

About Recycled Technologies, Inc.

MAXSAFE products lead the antifreeze industry in innovation, quality and service. Established in 1994, Recycled Technologies continues to grow, thanks to customers’ support and superior products that meet industry standards. Learn more by visiting www.maxsafeantifreeze.com.

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