Fraport Traffic Figures - January 2010: Fraport Starts 2010 With Positive Traffic Results

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FRANKFURT, Germany, February 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the weather-related adverse effects on air traffic, Fraport AG - the owner and manager of Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - registered more passengers in January 2010 at FRA than in the comparable month last year. FRA welcomed approximately 3.7 million passengers in the first month of 2010, a 3.5 percent increase year-on-year.

"We are certainly pleased that January confirms the positive trend seen in recent months and that traffic overall is showing fair rates of growth. Our calculations indicate that the severe winter days in January cost us 1.0 to 1.5 percentage points in the passenger sector," explained Fraport executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte. However, it is also important to note that in January 2009 passenger traffic slumped by more than 10 percent. "Thus, we are starting from a low base-year figure and passenger activity is nowhere near the level we recorded before the global economic crisis," stressed Schulte.

Airfreight tonnage increased at noticeably higher rates in the reporting month. Some 157,637 metric tons of airfreight at FRA represent a significant 32.2 percent gain. "Last month was the busiest January for airfreight handling in the history of Frankfurt Airport. The previously peak January was in 2008, when FRA registered 156,020 metric tons," Fraport's CEO explained with satisfaction. The major growth drivers in this traffic segment included intercontinental traffic in particular: for example, routes to North America and the Far East.

Aircraft movements at Frankfurt Airport slipped slightly by 0.5 percent to 35,278 takeoffs and landings, mainly due to adverse weather conditions. Maximum takeoff weights (MTOWs) climbed by 2.8 percent year-on-year to approximately 2.1 million metric tons.

The overall positive traffic development in January 2010 was also clearly visible at the Group level. The Fraport Group's five majority-owned airports served a total of five million passengers in January 2010, 6.6 percent more than in January 2009. Especially Lima Airport (LIM) with about 818,000 passengers (up 10.7 percent) and Antalya Airport (AYT) with about 513,000 passengers (up 26.6 percent) boosted overall results. Group-wide, the number of aircraft movements increased by 4.3 percent to almost 50,000 takeoffs and landings. Cargo tonnage rose 27.6 percent to approximately 181,000 metric tons.

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ANR 5/2010 - February 10, 2010 Frankfurt Airport - Traffic Figures for January 2010 January Change [2] 2010 Jan.10/ Jan. 09 Passengers [1] 3,672,638 3.5% Airfreight [1] in metric tons 157,637 32.2% Airmail in metric tons 6,869 1.2% Aircraft Movements [3] 35,278 -0.5 % MTOWs in metric tons 2,135,392 2.8 % Punctuality share of punctual arrivals and departures in percent 57.6 - --------------------------------- 1 Total traffic (including General Aviation) 2 Change over previous year 3 Excluding military flights

ANR 5/2010 - February 10, 2010

Fraport Group - Traffic Figures for January 2010

Aircraft Airports Passengers[1] Change Cargo Change Movements Change aboslute in % in metic in % Absolute in% tons (inc. airmail) Frankfurt 3,672,317 3.5 161,636 30.1 35,278 -0.5 (FRA) Antalya 513,278 26.6 n.a. n.a. 4,342 27.3 (AYT)[2] Burgas (BOJ) 5,042 19.6 476 n.a. 240 53.8 Lima(LIM)[3] 818,176 10.7 18,869 7.4 9,456 16.1 Varna (VAR) 17,364 -13.7 2 n.a. 343 -21.0 Fraport 5,026,177 6.6 180,984 27.6 49,659 4.3 Group --------------------------------- 1 Passengers (commercial traffic: arrivals + departures + transit) 2 Monthly values adjusted for 2009 base-year 3 Figures provided by Lima

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