Animal Airways Launches Eastern Europe Headquarters in Moscow (Russia)

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MOSCOW, May 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Animal Airways, the first global animal/pet flight management provider, is proud to announce the opening of their Eastearn Europe headquarters in Moscow, in order to reinforce the company's operation in Eastern Europe.

Animal Airways' Pet Travel experts, together with veterinarians and customer support professionals, developed a unique service that promises to ease pet travel matters for the millions of families with pets who travel internationally. The new branch will increase the company's operation based in England and in Canada. The company offers travel solutions for all animals, from every country to every country worldwide!

Dr. Eytan Kreiner, Head Veterinarian of Animal Airways, said: "Working with pet owners and concerned for the safety of pets, we recognized a strong need for pet travel and relocation solutions that will allow families to travel together with their pets - simply and safely."

The company's vision is a world where pets travel as family with the same ease and comfort as their owners. Focusing specifically on relocation of family-owned domestic animals, such as cats, dogs and ferrets, Animal Airways plans to advance its vision both by assisting its customers with all their pet travel needs, and by voicing the pets's interests, animals rights and wellbeing when flying internationally.

About Animal Airways

Established by a veterinarian with a vision of pet-friendly family travel, Animal Airways provides a full travel package for pet aviation including: flight management, regulations and forms, pre-flight veterinarian treatment and consult, shuttle service to & from terminals, cargo management, etc. The company's uniqueness lies within the ability to handle all pet flight matters under one roof, providing pet owners a compete solution that is safe, comfortable, cost-worthy and most importantly - animal friendly.

Animal Airways handles all Pre flight arrangements including: international regulations for animal transportation, following every country's rules and standards, consult, coordinating and locating the best flight kennels, and according to the international standards, fitting the aircraft's limitation and fitting the pet's size and personal needs. We coordinate your track each step of the way making sure you and your pets enjoy your journey - thanks to our unique services that include:

- Veterinarian consult: we can offer you the best animal treatment and consult that's flight related, suitable for all types of animal and for each country worldwide. - Vehicle transportation to terminals and back: families travelling with pets all over the globe appear to face the same problem every time they head towards the terminal or when returning after a long flight - they don't have convenient vehicle transportation for their pets. Animal Airways supplies the safe, budget friendly, convenient and most important - animal friendly solution. - Pet escort: a new service that operates with animal professional escorts who fly along with your pets to-and-from every destination worldwide. The new service was founded after recognizing pet owners' stress and anxiety when sending their pets oversees alone (without family members). - Flight booking: using our connections with all airline companies, ground handling and cargo operators, we guarantee the easiest track, the best schedule, best budget-solution and the most pet-friendly option for you and your pets when booking flight tickets. - Cargo service: our knowledge and connections within the world of aviation allows us to help you locate the best cargo solution that's economically fair, reasonable and safe for your pet.

Dr. Eytan Kreiner: "New rules and regulations are enforced in every country, especially in Europe and North America that make it hard and sometimes even impossible to handle pet relocation without professional help and guidance. Animal Airways manages to help people cope with their pets transport from every location to every location around the globe and people are starting to get used to the easy, friendly, smart, creative and fare solutions we offer."

Kreiner explained the strategy behind the opening of the new Eastern European headquarters in Russia: "After thorough research, we have come to the conclusion that there is a strong demand for animal aviation professional service in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is in general very tolerant toward animals (and even animal-friendly), which makes it a perfect place to live with pets and to bring pets along when arriving on a vacation or even on a business trip. In Eastern Europe, we have learned in our research, lives an animal loving population, and until now, they had no solution whatsoever for professional animal flight management.

We strongly believe this process will take Animal Airways one step further in becoming the world's leading corporate managing animal aviation transportation and therefore allow us to help the Eastern European population, one that is animal loving, to travel easily and safely worldwide. We offer a solution that is of great necessity in a global world where people travel constantly and with their loved ones (their pets).

Animal Airways is seeking new affiliates within the fields of relocation- companies, ground-handling, travel-agencies, commercial airlines and Veterinarian-related businesses in Eastern Europe, and is open to new global opportunities following recent expansion.

Animal Airways is advancing Eastern Europe activity with plans to found three more branches within a year in the following destinations: Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Saint Petersburg.

For more information - contact us in Russia +7-495-234-4076 / UK +44-203- 051-4087

Contact: Sofia Vinokurova Animal Airways - The Pet Flight People Tel: +7-495-234-40-76 Fax: +7-495-234-4079 Mobile: +7-916-592-2788 http://www.animalairways.com

CONTACT: For more information - contact us in Russia +7-495-234-4076 / UK+44-203-051-4087; Contact: Sofia Vinokurova Animal Airways - The Pet FlightPeople Tel: +7-495-234-40-76 Fax: +7-495-234-4079 Mobile: +7-916-592-2788


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