Business Destinations Travel Awards 2010

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LONDON, June 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent volcanic activity in Iceland presented an extremely visible disruption to the business traveller and all the services they rely upon. But for these companies, delivering consistent, high quality service in extraordinary conditions has been the order of the day since the global recession began.

Since then, the travel industry has endured astonishing changes in the way it does business, with tougher credit, a decline in hospitality and travel budgets, and the increasing awareness of social and environmental responsibility. Yet the leaders in the field continue to flourish. Where others cut, they invest; where others hesitate, they innovate.

The third annual Business Destinations Travel Awards recognises those companies with the courage, tenacity and dedication to offer new, reliable and luxurious services to their clients. The world is changing, and while the way we travel should change with it, a desire for high quality, personalised service will always remain. Congratulations to all the winners, featured in Business Destinations June-July 2010.

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