OAG Schedules Dynamic Provides Instant Airline Schedule Delivery

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LONDON, June 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- OAG, the global leader in aviation intelligence, today announced the release of OAG Schedules Dynamic, a technology that delivers the most up-to-date airline schedule changes to distribution channels around the world, resulting in increased sales, reduced costs and greater efficiencies to the entire supply chain. Airlines, OTAs, GDSs and reservation systems will all benefit from OAG Schedules Dynamic.

Until now, schedule data exchange and distribution practices have lacked the sophistication to deal with the volume and frequency of schedule changes in today's marketplace, resulting in delays to the market and inefficiencies that are costly and frustrating for the entire supply chain.

OAG Schedules Dynamic is an innovative schedule delivery system. Whereas all existing delivery systems provide complete replacements at each refresh, the new system captures each schedule change as it is processed into OAG's database and immediately distributes it to customers, uniquely providing only updated data - saving time and money. Although OAG's customers may receive instant airline schedule updates, they have the choice to receive changes exactly when they want, and with the frequency they prefer.

OAG Schedules Dynamic is entirely customizable, allowing customers to select the format and method of delivery, including the latest data-exchange methods such as XML format message and internet transmission. OAG Schedules Dynamic rewards its users with a made-to-order service, one that meets everyone's needs and business demands.

"OAG Schedules Dynamic enhances every step of the airline schedules distribution chain, beginning with airlines to reservation booking systems, and places the most up-to-date information in the hands of those who need it," said Stephen Bray, OAG Senior Vice President, OAG Aviation. "Speed, accuracy and synchronization of schedules are all transformed by OAG Schedules Dynamic. We're delighted to announce this innovative service, as we continue to bring our customers the very best products available."

About OAG

OAG provides the industry's most accurate single source for airline information, with essential aviation data and analytics sourced from its comprehensive proprietary airline schedules, fleet and MRO databases. OAG is a UBM Aviation business. For more information, go to .

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