PackageFox.com Aims to Refund Late Packages to Customers

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BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--David Hauser and Tom Rosedale have sent a lot of packages for their businesses over the years – a technology company and a law firm both based in Boston. The problem was that they were paying a premium for overnight delivery and expedited shipments that were often late to their destinations. The second problem was that trying to get a shipping refund from the carrier was a nightmare.

“And that’s real money in your business”

“After a little research, we found that ten percent of expedited shipments are late, and over $2B in shipping refunds go mostly unclaimed,” said Hauser.

So he built a prototype that would connect your FedEx and UPS accounts, and track your shipments to ensure a timely delivery. If the package is late, PackageFox.com is alerted and they immediately begin to recover the fee for you. If they recover the fee successfully, they only keep a portion of the recovery for a fee, while unsuccessful recoveries cost the customer nothing.

Carriers are not obligated to refund late packages due to weather or natural conditions. As the east coast continued to get battered this week with blizzards and icy road conditions, UPS, FedEx and even the U.S. Postal Service were forced to suspend some deliveries.

“They kind of take the same position as airlines when it comes to weather,” said Hauser. However, PackageFox.com will still attempt to refund the package, and provide the user with a simple dashboard which tracks what has been recovered and what hasn’t.

Even with the availability of online claims, most are largely for damage and not late shipments. PackageFox.com says that a business that sends more than 15 or 20 express envelopes per month, such as attorneys, accountants, payroll companies and more, can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year.

“And that’s real money in your business,” said Hauser.

About PackageFox.com

PackageFox.com is a Boston-based company that specializes in FedEx and UPS refunds. Their software allows a user to connect their shipping accounts and track on-time and late deliveries. Any packages delivered late are immediately flagged for refund, and PackageFox.com submits the claim on behalf of the customer. For more information, please visit http://packagefox.com.

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