SpendingPulse: Total U.S. Retail Sales for January Up 5.5% Year-over-Year

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SpendingPulse: Total U.S. Retail Sales for January Up 5.5% Year-over-Year

SpendingPulse: Total U.S. Retail Sales for January Up 5.5% Year-over-Year

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A macroeconomic indicator, SpendingPulse reports on national retail and services sales and is based on aggregate sales activity in the MasterCard payments network, coupled with survey-based estimates for all other payment forms, including cash and check. MasterCard SpendingPulse does not represent MasterCard financial performance. SpendingPulse is provided by MasterCard Advisors, the professional services arm of MasterCard Worldwide.

MasterCard Advisors’ SpendingPulse, a macroeconomic report tracking national retail and service sales, today provided summary results for January 2011. Excluding auto sales, total retail sales grew by 5.5% year-over-year, on par with December’s growth rate, and slightly higher than November’s. Strong sales also led to a rebound in shorter-term growth -- on a month-to-month seasonally adjusted basis, January sales were up by 1.8%, reversing the slowdown that month-to-month sales had posted in December. Excluding both auto sales and gasoline, on a seasonally unadjusted basis, year-over-year sales in January grew by 4.6%, slightly slower than November and December, 2010, but nevertheless a healthy rate of growth by most standards.

Kamalesh Rao, Director of Economic Research for MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse, noted: “Overall, retail spending managed to maintain its momentum following an already-strong holiday season. Despite some very challenging weather conditions in many parts of the country, and unemployment numbers that have not yet improved significantly, during the last two months we saw the strongest growth rate for total U.S. retail sales ex-autos since April 2010. Further, the year-to-year growth for 3-month totals stood at 4.9% in January, the highest growth rate since August 2007.”

To watch a short video with additional commentary from Kamalesh Rao, please visit: http://www.mastercardadvisors.com/us/advisors/en/information_analytics/spendingpulse_podcast.html

Sectors showing positive results in January included eCommerce, Luxury, Apparel and Travel, both in the Airlines and Lodging categories. Weaker segments included Jewelry, Furniture and Automotive Repair & Maintenance.

Spending grew in every part of the country, with the best unadjusted year-over-results in the South Central and Southeast regions respectively posting 9.7% and 7.7% growth.

U.S. Retail Sales, Unadjusted Year/Year %Change

U.S. Retail Sales   January 2011   December 2010
Total Retail Ex Auto   +5.5%   +5.5%
Total Ex Auto Ex Gas   +4.6%   +4.9%

U.S. Retail Sales, Seasonally Adjusted for January

U.S. Retail Sales  

% Change Over


% Change Over


Prior Month


Prior Year

Total Retail Ex Auto   +1.8%   +5.6%
Total Ex Auto Ex Gas   +1.2%   +4.2%

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