Adacel to Showcase ICE Sim ATC Training Product at ATC Global 2011

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Adacel to Showcase ICE Sim ATC Training Product at ATC Global 2011

Adacel to Showcase ICE Sim ATC Training Product at ATC Global 2011

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Adacel (ASX:ADA) announced today that the Company will showcase its ICE Sim product at the ATC Global tradeshow March 8-10 in Amsterdam. ICE Sim is part of Adacel’s Intelligent Communications Environment (ICE) product line that forms an integral part of the Company’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) Unified Training Suite.

Adacel has assembled a suite of compatible tools that match the level of simulation fidelity to the course curriculum and objectives of varying training providers. Adacel’s ICE and ICE Sim tools complement Adacel’s high fidelity MaxSim simulators to deliver the appropriate level of sophistication for the stage in training and provide self-teach, assessment, and tracking capabilities for greater instructor efficiency.

ICE Sim incorporates a fully capable MaxSim ATC simulation engine in a small footprint workstation engineered for specific task training. The size and price of ICE Sim promote multiple station classroom configurations that generate more student hands-on training. ICE Sim is bundled with Adacel’s other ICE functions that provide speech driven, introductory simulation environments for learning aviation English phraseology, communications procedures, fundamental aviation and local knowledge and specific skills training.

Students become fully engaged with the ICE systems and build a fundamentally stronger understanding as they advance through the curriculum. Training results from systems deployed to date show a trend toward higher success rates among students who have used the ICE products.

About Adacel

Adacel’s technology revolutionizes speech applications for operational direct voice input control systems and interactive control of computer generated entities in training systems. The Company’s ATC simulators lead global efforts to safely optimize controller training. Their Aurora ATM includes capabilities envisaged for FAA NextGen and EUROCONTROL SESAR programs; providing enabling technology for initiatives to promote airspace efficiency and reduce aviation related carbon emissions.

For more information about Adacel please visit www.Adacel.com.

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