Increasing Rate and Severity of Maritime Attacks Validates US Urgency to Take Immediate Precautions

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Increasing Rate and Severity of Maritime Attacks Validates US Urgency to Take Immediate Precautions

Increasing Rate and Severity of Maritime Attacks Validates US Urgency to Take Immediate Precautions

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As our Nation faces the long-term struggle against radical extremism in a period of persistent conflict, those responsible for Maritime Security must be prepared to conduct operations across a broad spectrum of threats and hazards.

In anticipation of a threat, the Trojan Horse Exercise was designed by SUNY Maritime and has been used in New York and other Ports around the country to test the preparedness of the port security community.

The Trojan Horse Exercise running along side the Maritime Homeland Security Summit’s Security Training and Live Exercise Focus Day will take place on Monday, April 11th. This customized Maritime Threat scenario designed to test your current plans and procedures in the event of an emergency. Maj Gen Robert Wolf, Director of Trojan Horse Exercise and CAPT Joe Ahlstrom, Professor of Marine Transportation at SUNY Maritime College will be administrators during this in-depth training.

This exercise meets the requirements for an annual exercise as specified in the Maritime Transportation Security Act and has been approved by USCG Sector Baltimore.

In addition, IDGA has just added a Pre-Summit Maritime Border Protection and ICE Focus Day to run concurrently with the Trojan Horse Exercise. Participants should expect to receive high level briefings from senior DHS leadership on the latest threats, TTP’s, capabilities, and requirements for more effective border enforcement.

To gain insight on whom you will meet at the summit, view the 2010 Attendee List which provides the job titles and companies of summit attendees last year. The entire program agenda is available here.

For more information on attending the 9th Annual Maritime Homeland Security Summit, or contact Lindsay Kuczera at [email protected].

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