Roger Staubach, Billy Cyr Open Transplace’s 2011 Shipper Symposium by Delivering Insight into Conquering Business Challenges, Building a Successful Company

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Transplace, a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, kicked off its annual Shipper Symposium in Dallas on Tuesday with presentations from Pro Football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach and Sunny Delight President & CEO Billy Cyr. Transplace’s education-based event united a broad range of carriers, shippers and industry thought leaders to discuss the state of the industry and share new perspectives and best practices for future success.

“Solving America's OPEC Oil Addiction: How the Trucking Industry Will Lead America to Energy Independence.”

“The Shipper Symposium offers an opportunity for Transplace and other forward-thinking companies to gain valuable insight from respected business professionals about the issues customers are facing,” said George Abernathy, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Transplace. “This year’s speakers are an inspirational group that brings extensive knowledge and experience for successfully navigating an ever-changing business environment. Building off of the insight shared by Messrs. Staubach and Cyr, the Shipper Symposium will continue its stellar program with Transplace President & CEO Tom Sanderson and BP Capital Management Founder and Chairman T. Boone Pickens focusing on pertinent economic challenges affecting shippers across the globe.”

Tuesday’s Highlights

  • Building a New Culture –Billy Cyr discussed the challenges he faced in transforming the Sunny Delight brand into one of the largest and most respected companies in America. Mr. Cyr shared how accountability, creativity and flexibility helped Sunny Delight rapidly grow, and how the culture not only impacted the company, but its customers and communities as well. According to Mr. Cyr, “The culture you create within a company starts with the people you choose and the environment you choose to create. While skills are important, you need people who are going to share your vision and passion. To build a successful company and culture there needs to be belief in the mission, the plan and the leadership throughout the entire organization.”
  • Facing the Challenge – Roger Staubach shared his strategies for overcoming and successfully conquering challenges both on and off the football field. He highlighted the need for teamwork, perseverance and commitment as key tools for growth in business. During his presentation Mr. Staubach stated, “If you have the right people in the right place doing the right thing miracles can happen. But, that only happens if you have them working together. This requires trust and that only comes from knowing that the people around you will think about others and not just look out for their own interests. And if you don’t have trust internally, it’s hard to communicate trust to your customers.”

On Wednesday, May 11, Mr. Sanderson will join USG Director of Transportation Craig Boroughf and CEO of Knight Transportation Kevin Knight in the panel, “The Role of Government – Impact on Capacity.” The conversation will focus on government regulations, such as CSA 2010, Hours-of- Service changes, driver drug & alcohol testing requirements and more, and how these will affect carriers and shippers.

On Thursday, May 12, T. Boone Pickens will keynote the event with the discussion, “Solving America's OPEC Oil Addiction: How the Trucking Industry Will Lead America to Energy Independence.” Mr. Pickens will share his vision and plan to shift America’s dependence on foreign oil to the country's abundant natural gas supplies. He will make the case that by converting government and business fleet vehicles, and even some cars, to natural gas, the U.S. can begin to reduce oil imports from non-OPEC countries and largely end its dependence on OPEC oil within a decade.

More information about the 2011 Shipper Symposium can be found at http://symposium.transplace.com. Following the event, many sessions will be available at the website.

About Transplace

Transplace is a non-asset based third party logistics (3PL) provider offering manufacturers, retailers and consumer packaged goods companies the optimal blend of logistics technology and transportation management services. From complete logistics management outsourcing to intelligent transportation management systems (TMS) and supply chain network planning and design to high-quality brokerage services, Transplace has proven the ability to deliver both rapid return on investment and consistent value to customers. The company is recognized among the elite global 3PLs by a customer base that includes many of the largest shippers in the world.

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To learn more about Transplace and the people behind “I Am Transplace,” please visit www.transplace.com.

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