BBA Aviation CEO Interviewed on Half-Year 2011 Results

Dépèche transmise le 5 août 2011 par PRNewswire

LONDON, August 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

BBA Aviation, the flight support and aftermarket services company, said its businesses continued to outperform the markets as it announced pre-tax profits increased 17 per cent to GBP52.6m in the first half.

In an interview with http://www.cantos.com, CEO Simon Pryce said the group entered the second half in a "very strong position."

"Our businesses are performing very well. They continue to outperform their market. Our Aftermarket business has entered the second half probably with record order books. We see good continuing operational improvement. And we also see businesses that were acquired during the course of this year making a full six-month contribution to the Group."

"So all in all, even if we do see some of that volatility, I'm very comfortable that we'll see continued good progress through the second half."

The interviews and transcript are available now on http://www.cantos.com/company/bba%20aviation.

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