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LONDON, September 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Australian Tourism is Bouncing Back From Cyclone Yasi With a New Emphasis on Luxury

Tourism in Australia suffered a difficult start to 2011 when Cyclone Yasi ripped through Queensland leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The Sunshine State, a sizeable chunk of which saw significant flood damage, is regarded as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and has long been a key region for Australian tourism. Travel experts DialAFlight, who offer a wide range of Australia flights [http://www.dialaflight.com/flights/australia ], have noticed a strong effort to beat a tourism downturn.

In DialAFlight TV's latest video [http://media.dialaflight.com/tv/apsirational-awesome-amazing-australia ] interview, Glen Davis of the Australian tourist board describes how Australia is bouncing back quickly. A strong UK marketing push is characterised by a new emphasis on high end luxury. This focus on luxury marks a conscious shift away from Australia's image as a backpacker destination.

Some indication of this trend can be seen in the recent formation of Luxury Lodges of Australia, a collection of seventeen properties dotted around the country. These lodges are very much aimed at the luxury end of the market, giving guests a chance to experience Australia's remarkable diversity of striking natural scenery - ranging from the epic desert wilderness surrounding Ayers Rock to the verdant beauty of the Blue Mountains - whilst enjoying stylish, well appointed accommodation.

The world class quality of Australia's food and wine is at the forefront of this luxury trend, which also emphasises spa pampering and relaxation as well as unique experiences. Australia has so much to offer that its continuing appeal to tourists should never really be in doubt, a real push to highlight the strength of its holiday offering is nonetheless apparent.

DialAFlight's own selection of tours [http://www.dialaflight.com/tours/#316 ] showcases the very best of this vast and remarkable land whilst combining luxurious accommodation and adventure amidst some of the most dramatic scenery in the world.

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