OAG Announces Real-Time Notification of Flight Schedule Changes

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LONDON, September 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

- OAG alerts empowers aviation professionals with first-ever technology for instant tracking of competitive airline routes, flight frequency, aircraft equipment and more

OAG [http://www.oag.com ], the global leader in aviation intelligence and a UBM Aviation [http://www.ubmaviation.com ] brand, today unveiled OAG alerts [http://www.oagaviation.com/Solutions/Aviation-Data/OAG-Schedules-Data ], a groundbreaking flight schedule alerts service that delivers instant notifications of new and discontinued airline routes, flight frequency and time changes, aircraft equipment and terminal changes, and more.

OAG alerts [http://www.oagaviation.com/Solutions/Aviation-Data/OAG-Schedules-Data ] is a web-based system that eliminates the need to manually log into a database and search for specific changes. It is ideal for airline revenue management and network planners; airport route development and ground handling managers; and administrators in all sectors of the tourism industry.

Now, OAG customers can easily define their automatic schedule change alerts by carrier, route or code share partnership, and amend their alert parameters as often as they choose. The moment OAG receives a carrier's schedule change information, it is verified and posted to the customer's online account within seconds. The change is immediately flagged for the user upon log-in, and customers can also elect to receive summary reports by email as often as preferred. The OAG alerts system monitors more than 28 million departures for up to 12 months ahead, and will store customers' alert reports for 30 days.

"OAG alerts helps our customers gain a first-mover advantage in the rapidly shifting airline industry landscape, where every opportunity to make faster business decisions, eliminate inefficiencies and increase margins must be seized," said John Grant [http://www.ubmaviation.com/about-UBM-Aviation/leadership-team/John-Grant ], Executive Vice President, UBM Aviation. "Having moment-by-moment access to competitive movements enables rapid response to potential advantages and threats, and can literally mean a gain or loss of millions of dollars in incremental revenue."

OAG alerts features real-time notifications of:

- New and discontinued routes - New and discontinued flight numbers - Effective period/frequency changes - Origin and destination changes - Time changes (with adjustable tolerance level) - Equipment changes - Terminal changes

OAG alerts is powered by OAG's renowned database of schedules for over 1,000 airlines, including low-cost carriers, and more than 4,000 airports. The OAG database is the most comprehensive repository of airline schedules in the world, processing up to 50,000 schedule updates each day and applying multiple validity checks prior to making them publicly available. OAG schedules data has been at the core of travel distribution services for decades, with capabilities to display every flight scheduled, regardless of date, price or availability. Unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, accuracy and timeliness, OAG's schedule data feeds the world's global distribution systems and travel portals, as well as the internal systems of the airlines, ATC systems, aircraft manufacturers, airport planners and government agencies served by OAG.

About OAG

OAG provides the industry's most accurate single source for airline information, with essential aviation data and analytics sourced from its comprehensive proprietary airline schedules, fleet and MRO databases. OAG is a UBM Aviation business. For more information, visit http://www.oagaviation.com.

About UBM Aviation

UBM Aviation, a UBM [http://www.ubm.com ] company, brings together buyers and sellers of air travel and transport through our portfolio of products and services. We specialize in the supply of data, analytics, consulting services, events and media related to the global aviation industry. Our leading brands include the recognized aviation data and analytics providers, OAG [http://www.oag.com ] and OAG Cargo [http://www.oagcargo.com ]; the renowned provider of airport route development forums, marketing and networking events, Routes [http://www.routesonline.com ]; the leading route development consultancy firm, Airport Strategy & Marketing [http://www.asm-global.com ] (ASM); an international program of aviation exhibitions and conferences, UBM Aviation Events; and must-read aviation print and online publications from UBM Aviation Media.

UBM Aviation, with customers and employees around the world, maintains offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, China, Canada and The Netherlands.

For more information, visit http://www.ubmaviation.com.

CONTACT: Andrea Riggs, UBM Aviation Corporate Communications,, +1-917-572-5555 mobile


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