Air Valid is Offering the 1st Seat "Pitch" Comparison for 156 Airlines, in Economy Class

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LONDON, April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- "Pitch", also known as "seat pitch" is the distance that the airline leaves between two plane seats. It can vary depending on the reservation class and the type of plane offered by the airline for any particular journey.

This information about the average "pitch" by reservation class is available on the identity sheet of each airline under the tab "Onboard Services" and can be compared on the airline and pitch comparison (), on the Air Valid site for only economy class.

The context for individuals and businesses is the reduction of flight transport fees whether it be for holiday or professional travel:

"In the economic recession situation, the price of a plane ticket is more than ever a factor in the consumer's decision. But the traveller looks at and also compares the flight times and whether or not there's a lay-over. The fact that we can compare the space between two seats in economy class is a piece of information that affects 90% of travellers. On the professional side, some large service companies have reduced their transport costs by 40% per year, by making business travellers fly in economy class."

Air Valid are specialists in the distribution of information and certified opinions about airlines, inform travellers through their site and also via their travel agency partners online such as Go Voyages, Ebookers, Carrefour Voyages and Soleil d'Allieurs. Present in nearly 45% of all online flight tickets in France. The Pitch Comparison feature will soon be available as a "web service" for travel agencies in order to inform travellers at the moment of booking.

About Air Valid

Air Valid distribute information about 1173 airlines, 90,000 certified traveller opinions and 35,000 flight numbers from 255 companies in France since January 2007. Since the 19th of December 2008 Air Valid has been in English at with a new tag-line: "Certified airline information and opinions."

AIR VALID distribute information about airlines in travel agencies and through the AIR VALID site, in compliance with the Decree no 2006-315 of the 17th of March 2006 and the Decree 2007-669 from the 2nd of May 2007 relative to the information obligation to airline passengers about the identity of the airline carrier.

CONTACT: Press contact: Christine BESEGUI, ,(+230-744-09-53)


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