Accu-Sort Announces Baggage Sortation Solutions for the Airport Industry

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PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Accu-Sort announced that Newark Liberty International Airport is the latest airport to install Accu-Sort’s AXIOM bar-code scanning systems, increasing the accuracy of baggage sortation and improving the customer experience by reducing the risk of lost luggage. Part of a significant upgrade to an air carrier’s baggage handling facility, the project required high read rates, integration with a tilt-tray sorter, low installation and maintenance costs, and the ability to remotely monitor scanner performance.

Baggage sorting requires exceptional performance because the bar code can be in any position, even underneath the bag, as it travels at high speed through an airport conveyor system. Accu-Sort has a large base of airport customers and a field-proven product line that enable the company to offer a variety of baggage scanning solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each facility. Major airports in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the United States, including airports in California, Pennsylvania, Alaska, North Carolina, Missouri and New Jersey, rely on Accu-Sort baggage scanning systems.

The AXIOM line of laser scanners employs several technologies that are especially useful for baggage-handling applications:

Embedded processor. Accu-Sort embeds the computing and communications functions inside each bar code scanner so airport scanning arrays do not require an external multiplexor. Fewer components to install and wire leads to a lower system cost. The system is also more reliable because there are fewer connections that can fail, and because any scanner can assume control of the array.

Omni-directional scanners. The AXIOM-X scan head emits two scan lines in an X pattern that can read baggage tags in any orientation. This technology reduces the number scan heads needed to be kept on hand as spares, further reducing system costs.

Plug-and-play component replacement. A modular design makes repairs fast and easy. For example, to replace a scan head, the technician simply removes four screws, pops in the new scan head, presses a button, and the scan head takes its configuration from parameters stored in the wiring base. Scanners can be returned to service within a few minutes – an important feature for baggage applications because flights cannot wait for delayed baggage.

High read rates. It is difficult to achieve high read rates in airports because bags move at high speed and because the scanners have to read at a long distance. The AXIOM-X bar code scanner reads bar codes up to 56 inches away at up to 1120 scans per second. This capability minimizes no-reads and the associated cost of manually reading baggage bar codes.

High reliability. The AXIOM bar code scanner is rated for 70 thousand hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). High reliability reduces maintenance costs and avoids downtime.

Remote monitoring. Accu-Sort FAST Monitor software displays statistics on the performance of each sortation tunnel, plus diagnostics on individual devices connected to the system. This information can help airport facility managers maximize baggage throughput and generate historical reports for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance. When system performance data are unified inside of FAST Monitor, users can check on the health of any component equipment from a single software interface. This saves users considerable time compared to walking around miles of conveyors and reading the displays of individual equipment.

For more information about Accu-Sort solutions for the airport industry, call 1-800-BAR-CODE or visit www.accusort.com/pr/903.html.

About Accu-Sort

Accu-Sort Systems is a pioneer in advanced auto ID systems with more than three decades of experience deploying and supporting scanning, tracking and sortation solutions in various industries, including transportation, logistics, industrial/manufacturing, and retail. The company is one of the world’s leading providers of high-speed laser and camera-based solutions for bar code reading, convergent RFID solutions, as well as complete turnkey integrated systems solutions. 1-800-BAR-CODE or www.accusort.com.

Accu-Sort®, Axiom, Axiom-X and FAST Monitor are trademarks of Accu-Sort Systems.

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