Solairus Aviation Brings Together Top Industry Professionals Under a New Banner

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SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dan Drohan, founder of Sunset Aviation, LLC, has announced the renaming of Sunset Aviation to Solairus Aviation. Solairus Aviation is a full-service private aircraft charter and aviation asset management company that provides service to airports across the U.S. and internationally as well as expertise in acquiring and operating a wide range of aircraft. Bringing together top industry professionals under a new banner, Solairus Aviation has emerged as the next generation of private aviation services, fortified by invaluable guidance from industry luminary Jake Cartwright, the company’s vice chairman.

“Solairus Aviation’s executive team represents the cornerstone of our business: providing our clients with the trusted stewardship and guidance of one of the industry’s most experienced and respected management teams,” said Drohan, president and CEO of Solairus Aviation. “We are incredibly honored to have Jake on board, as he contributes a depth of experience and vision that is virtually unmatched in the aviation industry.”

An active Airline Transport-rated pilot with more than 6,500 flight hours, Dan Drohan has been in the aviation industry his entire career. He founded the original company in 1992 with entrepreneurial drive, business acumen and an unstinting commitment to quality, quickly establishing a stellar reputation for safety and service. As the primary architect of Sunset’s growth, Drohan oversaw the acquisitions and infrastructure initiatives that catapulted the company to one of the premier aircraft charter and management companies in the U.S. After the sale of the business in 2007, Drohan led the company through its eventual re-birth as an independent entity.

“I am inspired by Dan’s dynamic sales leadership and unyielding commitment to safety and exceptional service,” commented Cartwright. “With Dan’s leadership and the excellent executive team we have assembled, I believe Solairus is poised for tremendous success.”

Cartwright was previously at TAG Aviation USA, where he served as president and CEO. A former Marine Corps F-4 Phantom pilot who served in Vietnam, he has logged more than 10,000 hours of flight time as a commercial pilot. In 1989, Cartwright joined Aviation Methods Inc., where he oversaw flight operations, charter sales, marketing, and new business development. Cartwright became president of TAG Aviation USA in 1998 when the TAG Group acquired Aviation Methods. A graduate of Princeton University, Cartwright has served on the Associate Member Advisory Council of the National Business Aviation Association and on the board of the National Air Transportation Association.

Under the direction of Drohan and Cartwright, Solairus Aviation’s executive management team includes: John King, chief financial officer; Greg Petersen, chief operating officer; Mark Spindler, senior vice president of aircraft management; Dave Weil, senior vice president; Tom Benvenuto, vice president, flight operations; Rene Cervantes, vice president, maintenance; Marla McGatlin, vice president, client flight services; and Craig Zirzow, vice president, business development. Solairus Aviation’s leadership team is augmented by an experienced staff of management, crew, operations and sales personnel.

From its corporate offices in Petaluma and Burlingame, California, Solairus Aviation manages a fleet of well-appointed, late-model aircraft, including over 40 heavy, light, mid-size and turbo-prop aircraft nationwide – many available for domestic or international charter. Solairus supports flights to more than 5,000 airports throughout the United States in addition to operations across the globe.

To date, Solairus Aviation has achieved a Gold Certification from ARG/US – the national leader in safety, operational, auditing, market research and reporting to the business aviation industry – for its exemplary safety history, management structure and performance, and crew experience. The company also recently received the NBAA Commercial Business Flying Safety Award in recognition of six years and 27,312 consecutive flying hours without an accident involving damage to property or injury to persons. Solairus Aviation’s rigorous safety measures are also reflected in its Wyvern/CharterX Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) reports, as well as in its exacting crew training program. Solairus crews average nearly 10,000 hours of total flight time and advance through state-of-the-art simulator training services at sites provided by Flight Safety International and CAE Simuflite.

Flying Solairus Aviation is a time-efficient and sophisticated means of traveling for personal, business and group travelers. Passengers determine departure and arrival times that fit their schedules and sidestep airport screening lines, pre-departure waits, last-minute flight delays and cancellations, and the many other, all-too-familiar hassles of dealing with the major carriers and airports.

Solairus Aviation understands the significant responsibilities that come with aircraft ownership. The company offers a full range of support services focused on safety, service and savings. Under Solairus’ management program, aircraft owners will benefit from their dedicated safety management program, a client services support staff, and the savings passed on to owners due to Solairus’ leveraged buying power.

For more information about Solairus Aviation as well as its fleet and suite of services, please visit www.solairusaviation.com.

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