PCTEL Delivers Precision Aviation GPS Antennas For Deployment in India

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PCTEL Delivers Precision Aviation GPS Antennas For Deployment in India

PCTEL Delivers Precision Aviation GPS Antennas For Deployment in India

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI), a leader in propagation and wireless network optimization solutions, announced today that a major U.S. defense contractor will deploy PCTEL’s high precision Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) ground station GPS antennas for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Airports Authority of India.

The deployment of PCTEL’s WAAS antennas for the Global Positioning Satellite-Aided Geosynchronous Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) system further establishes PCTEL as a leader in the precision GPS antenna market. PCTEL’s WAAS antennas are currently deployed for the North American WAAS system and Japan's MTSAT Satellite-based Augmentation System (MSAS).

PCTEL's WAAS antennas, a product line within PCTEL’s Military and Government Antenna product family, are terrestrial-based antennas that enable highly precise navigation and tracking of aircraft. It features state-of-the-art, high-rejection filters and covers L1, L2 and L5 GPS frequencies.

“PCTEL is proud to offer this advanced level of precision antenna technology for the aviation industry and expand our activities outside the U.S.,” said Jeff Miller, Vice President and General Manager of PCTEL’s Antenna Products Group. “We stay committed to the development of high performance GPS antenna solutions for commercial and defense markets,” added Miller.

PCTEL will be demonstrating its WAAS GPS antennas as well as its portfolio of antenna products at the ION GNSS show Booth # 523, September 22-25 in Savannah, Georgia.


PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI), is a global leader in propagation and wireless network optimization solutions. The company designs and develops software-based radios for wireless network optimization and develops and distributes innovative antenna solutions. The company’s SeeGull® scanning receivers, receiver-based products and CLARIFY® interference management solutions are used to measure, monitor and optimize cellular networks. PCTEL’s SeeGull scanning receivers are deployed in industry leading wireless test and measurement equipment and viewed as an essential wireless data collection tool for cellular network optimization, drive tests, and spectrum clearing. PCTEL develops and supports scanning receivers for LTE, EVDO, CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS, TDS-CDMA and WiMAX networks.

PCTEL’s MAXRAD®, Bluewave™ and Wi-Sys™ antenna solutions address public safety, military, aviation, defense and government applications; SCADA, Health Care, Energy, Smart Grid and Agricultural applications; Indoor Wireless, Wireless Backhaul, and Cellular applications. Its portfolio includes a broad range of WiMAX antennas, WiFi antennas, Land Mobile Radio antennas, and precision GPS antennas that serve innovative applications in telemetry, RFID, in-building, fleet management, and mesh networks. PCTEL provides parabolic antennas, ruggedized antennas, yagi antennas, military antennas, precision aviation antennas and other high performance antennas for many applications. PCTEL’s products are sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels. For more information, please visit the company’s web site www.pctel.com, www.antenna.com, www.antenna.pctel.com, or www.rfsolutions.pctel.com.

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