Research and Markets: Capitalizing on China's Investment in Transportation Infrastructure: An Assessment of Opportunities Identifies 190 Major Projects across the Four Sectors

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DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets(http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/dfd8cc/capitalizing_on_ch) has announced the addition of the "Capitalizing On China's Investment in Transportation Infrastructure: An Assessment of Opportunities" report to their offering.

Introducing a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the opportunities in China's Transportation Infrastructure investment (rail, road, airports, ports). The report is now available and it provides the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence on the expected investment as the Chinese government rapidly implements its stimulus package and its 11th Five Year Plan.

The report covers the major projects in rail, road, airports and shipping ports. The report identifies 190 major projects across the four sectors, and profiles 80 of the projects deemed to have the most potential for clients who provide products and services within these sectors. The completions of the contracts for many of these projects are imminent and this report provides clients with the information to ensure that they do not miss out on any opportunities.

The report highlights the key factors that enable access to the opportunities, such as the:

Identification of the project decision-makers and product and services specifiers, at local and national level for products and services in:

  • Electronics industry
  • Equipment industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction materials and services
  • Others.

Source of funding for projects Tender procedures and timing Understanding of policy towards local content products and services, versus eligibility of foreign content. For example, on certain more technology intensive projects, foreign suppliers have substantial technical advantage as domestic competitors in most cases do not have the required technology at this point in time. In locally-financed projects, local construction services and products are predominantly used. Multinational suppliers typically need to leverage relationships with local partners of joint ventures or distributors to access these opportunities

This report provides the above information within each project profile. Each profile contains specific information on key procurement entities and decision makers, including names and telephone contact information. Suppliers may contact these entities in order to match up their products and services offering with the specific requirements of each project. Suppliers can also monitor bidding information and notices for projects of interest and establish relationships with key participants as early as possible.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Strategic Overview of China's Transport Infrastructure Sector

Description of overall investment plans in transport infrastructure in China

  • By region and by sector (road, rail, shipping, airports)
  • Projected investment values
  • Description of regulatory framework
  • Description of key government and commercial organizations in transport infrastructure projects

Description of current and projected government policy and incentive programs for transport infrastructure

  • NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) guidelines and policies
  • Other regional guidelines
  • Accelerated depreciation schedules or tax holidays
  • Stimulus programs

Key trends and overall market drivers by sector

Key data per sector (example for rail: new track length, estimate on increased capacity, key indicators on material and services inputs)

II. Mapping and Profiling of Key Project Opportunities

List of projects (current and planned) by sector (list of 190 projects screened and 83 projects profiled) with details:

  • Location
  • Likely timing and tender dates (focus on current to next 18 months)
  • Names of project owners and other key project participants (including tender details)
  • Investment description and size of investment (including, example for rail: new track length, estimate on increased capacity, key indicators on material and services inputs)
  • Identification of materials and services area of focus
  • Which industries will directly benefit from project? Example - the report provides analysis on relevant industries which will directly participate in rail construction as materials suppliers and service providers. The report provides insight in key regulation and incentives stipulated by government. The report provides any specifications already provided to potential suppliers

Steel industry Electronics industry Equipment industry Chemical industry Construction materials and services Others

  • Relevant legal and commercial purchasing requirements
  • Which party will decide key material suppliers/State bureaus/Institutes involved
  • What approach will be adopted for supplier selection
  • Any restrictions for purchasing from international suppliers
  • Incentives
  • Potential key suppliers
  • Overall assessment of project in terms of accessibility, size, timing, value

Products Mentioned:

  • Electronics
  • Construction chemicals
  • Steel
  • Bitumen
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Aviation equipment
  • Railway equipment
  • Construction services
  • Ships

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/dfd8cc/capitalizing_on_ch

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