Use Your Mobile Phone to Access FRA Flight Data

Dépèche transmise le 30 avril 2010 par PRNewswire

FRANKFURT, April 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Fraport AG, the owner and manager of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), has introduced a new service that allows you to use your mobile devices - from web-enabled cell phones to smart phones - to access current information about flights arriving and departing via FRA. This "extra" service from Fraport complements the wide range of services for customers of Germany's gateway to the world. No application program has to be installed to access http://www.frankfurt-airport.mobi, the Internet address of the new service. The display format has been adjusted for viewing on the smaller screens of mobile devices. Fraport's "mobi" flight information service allows you to search by destination airport, flight number or flight time. For German searches, users simply have to enter http://www.frankfurt-airport.mobi or .de in the Web browser of their mobile device. They will be automatically routed to the Fraport "mobi" flight data search site. Likewise, English-language "mobi" information is available via .

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Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide Robert A. Payne, B.A.A. - Senior Mgr. International Press & PR (International Spokesman), Press Office (Dept. UKM-PS), Corporate Communications, 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel.: +49 69.690.78547; Fax: +49.69.690.60548; E-mail: [email protected]; Internet: http://www.fraport.com

CONTACT: Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, Robert A. Payne,B.A.A. - Senior Mgr. International Press & PR (International Spokesman),Press Office (Dept. UKM-PS), Corporate Communications, 60547 Frankfurt amMain, Germany, Tel.: +49 69.690.78547; Fax: +49.69.690.60548; E-mail:


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