KomyMirror Breaks 100,000-unit Sales Barrier Since 1997

Dépèche transmise le 26 juillet 2010 par PRNewswire

TOKYO, July 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 100,000 KomyMirrors have been delivered since 1997, giving service to airlines and other customers. There has not been a single claim from any customer!

Komy Co., Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of flat, wide-angle ultralight mirrors in the world. Most mirrors are installed in overhead bins to prevent passengers from accidentally leaving their belongings behind, and to shorten cabin inspection time for an aircraft turnaround.

The flat wide-angle mirrors are used in cabin overhead bins by Continental, Singapore, Lufthansa, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, and other airlines.

KomyMirrors are installed in the Airbus 380, and 30 A380 aircraft have installed them since 2004. The first Boeing 787s are scheduled to be delivered with KomyMirrors equipped in the first quarter of next year.

About Komy Co. Ltd. Headquarters: Kawaguchi, Saitama, JAPAN President: Sakae Komiyama Contact Tsuyoshi Watanabe / Katsumi Machida Marketing Komy Co. Ltd. Tel: +81-48-250-5311 Fax: +81-48-250-5318 e-mail: info@komy.co.jp URL: http://www.komy.com

CONTACT: Tsuyoshi Watanabe or Katsumi Machida, both of Komy Co. Ltd.,+81-48-250-5311, Fax: +81-48-250-5318,


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