Research and Markets: Financial Analysis - General Electric Company

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Research and Markets: Financial Analysis - General Electric Company

Research and Markets: Financial Analysis - General Electric Company

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/be65a2/financial_analysis) has announced the addition of the "Financial Analysis - General Electric Company" company profile to their offering.

Being a diversified media, financial services, and technology company, General Electric Company (GE) is active across a range of industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Energy, IT, Power Generation, Water Processing, Medical Imaging, Media content, and many more. Operating in over 100 countries, the company has been a regular on the Forbes lists and in 2010, it was rated as the second largest company in the world.

With a firm focus on building its future portfolio based on simplified infrastructure, GE has a plan of leveraging its enterprise advantages to build new adjacencies in the coming years.

Aruvian Research's Financial Analysis is a compact, focused report which helps managements critical decision making by lending itself to analyzing General Electrics profitability, solvency as well as financial stability. Aruvians Researchs Financial Analysis on the General Electric Company helps the management to make different decisions on segregating priority businesses, present funding requirements, mergers and acquisition activities, etc.

Aruvian Research's Financial Analysis on the General Electric Company brings to the management a complete profile of the General Electric Company which is under consideration and also provides an insight on the business segments in which the General Electric Company operates as well as its subsidiaries and some of the key executives of the General Electric Company.

The Financial Analysis of the General Electric Company further presents a complete ownership pattern of the General Electric Company which is very critical information in M&A activity in order for the management to plan the acquisition accordingly. The ownership pattern analysis is as declared at the last AGM of the organization unless fuelled by some exceptional activity mid-year.

Aruvian Researchs Financial Analysis on the General Electric Company combines a complete SWOT analysis of GE, thereby increasing the strategic management analysis presented in the report. The report documents a complete board of the latest financial information of the General Electric Company including stock prices over a period, earnings per share, income statements, balance sheets, EPS growth Qtr. on Qtr. and Yr. over Yr.

The report further presents the complete array of financial ratios of the company which points to the basic health of its activities and even goes a step further to present the efficiency of the companys management. Some of the ratios as Price, Profitability, Liquidity, give a very accurate picture of the financial health of the company and are explained in detail in Aruvian Researchs Financial Analysis.

Another key parameter which the report analyses is the position of the vis--vis its competition in the market. GEs competitors analyzed in this report include:

  • 3M Company
  • Hitachi Ltd
  • Siemens AG

This analysis of the competitors helps the decision maker decide clearly what strategic position GE enjoys in the market currently and whether there is opportunity for the investor to take it further in the future or whether the firms competitors are too strong which means the firm will need more financial effort to move forward. This analysis enables the investor to decide the future course of action as well as make a guarded offer in lieu of the risks that the investor is about to undertake.

Aruvians Financial Analysis is a complete power researched capsule of the real strengths of a company and provides the numerical decision making tool for the investor which is objective as well as globally accepted. The report is a critical interface which helps investors sift through opportunities and pick the correct one as per their risk appetites and financial acumen.

In the ever increasing haze of globalization wherein it is imperative for organizations to expand their global footprint either by investing or by mergers & acquisitions, Aruvians Financial Analysis helps them steer the right business direction to islands of profit mining and greater returns on their invested capital.

Key Topics Covered:

A. Executive Summary

B. Introduction to the Company

C. Analyzing the Ownership Pattern in the Company

D. SWOT Framework Analysis

E. Financial Analysis

F. Analyzing the Key Ratios

G. Undertaking a Profitability Analysis

H. Competitor Group Analysis

I. Future Perspective of the Company

J. Glossary of Terms

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/be65a2/financial_analysis

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