Conex Offers Logistics and Transport Professionals a Unified Solution for Dealing With the EU Advance Security Declaration (Import Control System — ICS) Throughout Europe

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Conex Offers Logistics and Transport Professionals a Unified Solution for Dealing With the EU Advance Security Declaration (Import Control System — ICS) Throughout Europe

Conex Offers Logistics and Transport Professionals a Unified Solution for Dealing With the EU Advance Security Declaration (Import Control System — ICS) Throughout Europe

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--European advance security declaration — a new security clearance system for goods entering Europe

To tighten trade security, the United States has introduced a large number of regulations with a view to keeping track of import flows (e.g. AMS – Advanced Manifest System). The European Union has followed its example. The latest regulation to date in Europe is the ICS, of which the embodiment is the EU advance security declaration. This is an electronic system for managing security declarations for goods coming into Europe. On this side of the Atlantic, though, there is a mosaic of 27 countries, each of which transposes the regulation imposed by the European Union at its own pace and according to its own procedures. This does not make life easy for logistics and transport operators wishing to export to the EU.

To relieve operators of the burden of having to deal with the specificities of each European country’s administrative procedures, Conex has developed a single solution for making and sending the declarations to all the Customs authorities in question. Just one data-entry interface needs to be filled in, and the information is immediately checked and sent to the Customs authorities of the country concerned.

Conex is currently one of the very few companies offering real coverage of Europe. Its solution is already used by several major operators in Asia and America. The first ICS declaration to be processed by its IT servers came from SEATECH, one of its Canadian partners, for a ship coming from Brazil. It should also be pointed out that in Brazil, for example, BYSOFT (a software editing company) chose ICS via conex to afford its clients a single solution for managing this new security obligation for exports to the EU.

When logistics professionals’ declarations pass via the Conex servers linked to the European customs authorities, you can be sure that the goods will reach Europe without a hitch, as they will have met the ICS regulatory requirements in force since January 1, 2011.

Close relations with American clients

Conex is one of the very few operators to have been chosen directly by professionals in their country of origin: The United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina.
Its international section is made up of eight people from different countries who, over the past two years, have met the Customs authorities and major operators in the largest countries in the world.

Conex has also joined the Strategic Partnerships program, the networking and business-solutions platform of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Conex’s dialogue with hundreds of air-transport companies has been reinforced regarding its ICS service, the only pan-European platform devoted to ICS.

Time is running out for international trade professionals importing goods into Europe to prepare themselves… Fortunately, Conex is there to lend a hand.

ICS via conex is:

  • A legal solution which ensures that the ICS declarations submitted are compliant, no matter where the goods enter Europe.
  • A technical solution which communicates with customs authorities’ information systems in all EU countries. ICS via conex provides declarants with a single interface, and manages the specific adjustments for customs in each country.

The solution is available in Web mode and full EDI.

About Conex
Founded in 1985, Conex is an SME specializing in customs clearance IT. Given the complex nature of international trade regulations, companies need IT tools which guarantee traceability, security of entries and communication with their sales-management tools. Conex software is used in hundreds of companies in France and Europe, including TNT, Schneider Electric, DHL Freight, 3 Suisses, Géodis, Mory, Bacardi, Caterpillar, Renault, etc.

By playing a major role in the modernization of customs procedures and developing its activity in customs-data transmission, Conex is becoming a leader in dematerialization.

For more information, visit: [email protected]

For more information, contact: your local sales agent

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