VeruTEK teams with RME Environmental and Geologic Science and Technology for Successful Field Implementation

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VeruTEK teams with RME Environmental and Geologic Science and Technology for Successful Field Implementation

VeruTEK teams with RME Environmental and Geologic Science and Technology for Successful Field Implementation

BLOOMFIELD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VeruTEK Technologies, Geologic Science & Technology and RME Environmental announced today the successful completion of a remediation field pilot project. The study was designed to assess viability of Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) source term removal with TPH, BTEX and MTBE concentration reduction at a refined product pipeline pumping station in Texas. Due to the high degree of pilot study success, full scale in-situ remediation is planned for later this year, avoiding installation and operation cost of a groundwater pump and treat system.

VeruTEK’s patent-pending surfactant enhanced chemical oxidation (S-ISCO™) chemistry was selected because of its unique ability to provide source destruction of non-aqueous contaminations found at the site. During S-ISCO treatment, an oxidant, activator, and surfactant are injected into the subsurface simultaneously where they react with contaminants. S-ISCO is more effective than in-situ oxidation alone because the surfactant stabilizes the oxidant, which allows for desorption of contaminants from the soil and increased contact with contaminants and greater source destruction.

Before treatment, levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and BTEX in soil cores and groundwater from petroleum LNAPL exceeded state criteria set by The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, preventing site closure. VeruTEK determined the best S-ISCO treatment solution for the site. The implementation was comprised of four injection events spaced over 5 weeks.

After treatment no source LNAPL was detected indicating the source for ephemeral LNAPL was eliminated. TPH DRO and GRO concentration in both soil and groundwater and BTEX concentrations in soil were reduced by 99%. TPH DRO in soil reduced from 28,000mg/Kg to 280mg/Kg and TPH DRO in the groundwater decreased from 810mg/L to less than 2.5mg/L, TPH GRO in soil was reduced from 36,000 mg/Kg to 152mg/L and TPH GRO in the groundwater was reduced from 1,000 mg/L to <2.5 mg/L. BTEX soil concentrations were reduced from 1,271 mg/Kg to 0.5459 mg/Kg.

The site case study may be found at:


About VeruTEK

VeruTEK is a green chemistry company with a new field-proven approach to addressing difficult environmental issues. The company applies a proprietary, innovative time-released surfactant, oxidant, and catalyst technology to help clients achieve safe, high performing and lower cost solutions. VeruTEK’s technology platform addresses a broad range of applications including soil/ groundwater remediation and enhanced oil recovery as well as industrial and consumer cleaning products. VeruTEK ticker symbol is VTKT.

About RME

RME (www.rmeltrd.com) is a Texas-based technology implementation and consulting firm. Its principle areas of practice are environmental consulting, remediation, and enhanced oil recovery. Its client companies include chemical, cement, oil/gas production, and insurance. Other clients are law firms and government agencies. RME’s principles are David Weeks PE and Kenneth Goodman. Both have over 20 years experience in the industry.

About Geologic Science and Technology

Geologic Science and Technology was incorporated in 2000 as a boutique environmental consulting firm specializing in innovative in-situ remedial technologies, accelerated site closure strategies, performance-based remediation, brownfields, environmental liability valuation and reserve assessment. Our clientele includes consulting and engineering firms, petrochemical and heavy industry.

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