Cavotec Airports Market Unit Wins Fuelling Equipment Orders across North America

Dépèche transmise le 28 mai 2009 par Business Wire

STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cavotec MSL’s Airports market unit has won a series of orders for in-ground fuelling systems from major airports in Canada and the U.S., including Chicago O'Hare International Illinois, Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta, and Canada’s Edmonton International Airport, Alberta.

“These orders illustrate airport operators’ growing interest in the operational efficiencies generated by our in-ground systems,” says Christian Bernadotte, President Cavotec Dabico US Inc.

Cavotec will supply three isolation valve pit assemblies, four fuel hydrant pit systems, one high point vent pit assembly and two low point drain pit assemblies for O'Hare International. The systems are due for delivery in August.

Low point drain pits are designed to remove non-fuel fluids and other contaminants that can accumulate in aircraft fuel pipelines, and high point vent pits reomve air from the system.

In a further order for one of the world’s busiest airports, Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta Georgia, Cavotec is delivering two refueling pit systems; including fuel hydrant pits and access cover sets. Handling more than 90 million passengers last year, Hartsfield-Jackson claims to be the world’s busiest airport.

Elsewhere, Cavotec is to supply three 480V/250A hatch systems, including pit components, accessories and related material for installation at Anchorage International Airport in Alaska. Delivery is scheduled for the end of August. Construction of the hatch system will start in June, and will be operational in September.

In a second order for Anchorage International, Cavotec is to deliver six fuel hydrant pit assemblies, two fuel low point drain pit systems, one fuel high point vent pit assembly and six 4" x 4" hydrant valves. Construction of the system is due to get underway in July and become operational in September.

Across the border in Alberta, Canada, Cavotec is to deliver a range of fuel systems to Edmonton International Airport. The equipment will be used for Alberta’s Terminal Express and South Apron Expansion programmes.

The order incorporates 40 fuel hydrant pit assemblies, five fuel low point drain pit systems, two fuel high point vent pit assemblies and 26 waterproof covers, replacing an older design.

The fuel solution for Edmonton’s Terminal Express system is due to be operational in October. The fuel system destined for the Apron Expansion programme will be in use until 2012.

Also in Canada, Cavotec recently completed an order for 12 refueling pit systems and related materiel for the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, in Ontario.

“Our pit systems guarantee safe and efficient fuel delivery to a broad range of aircraft, both civilian and military; a quality illustrated by this deal,” says Dan Foster, VP Sales and Marketing at Cavotec Dabico US.

The order includes five types of in-ground systems; isolation valve pits, fuel hydrant pits, high point vent pits, low point drain pits and emergency fuel shut off pits.

A variety of strategic transport aircraft, such as the C-130 Hercules, tactical transport and VIP aircraft operate from CFB Trenton. The base also coordinates search and rescue operations in central and Arctic Canada.

News of these orders follows a strong first quarter for Cavotec’s Airports market unit, with successes recorded in China, India, the Middle East and Europe.

Cavotec MSL is a leading global engineering group, supplying innovative and environmentally friendly systems to the maritime, airports, mining, and general industry sectors. To find out more about the Cavotec group, please visit our website at www.cavotec.com.

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