Evektor Aircraft, Inc. Announces a Major Flight School Incentive Program for the SportStar MAX

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Evektor Aircraft, Inc. Announces a Major Flight School Incentive Program for the SportStar MAX

Evektor Aircraft, Inc. Announces a Major Flight School Incentive Program for the SportStar MAX

MELBOURNE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Evektor Aircraft, Inc., headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, USA, today announced a new Flight School Incentive Program designed specifically to help flight schools around the United States replace their costly and aging fleet of trainers at only 1/2 (half) of the cost of a new Cessna, Piper, or Diamond Aircraft. From Evektor Aircraft’s SportStar MAX BT (”Basic Trainer”) to their top-of-the-line SportStar MAX IFR, each aircraft is customizable, depending on each flight school’s training, instrumentation, and cost/benefit requirement.

Evektor Aircraft, Inc., already a recognized leader in Certified S-LSA Aircraft used for flight training in the USA, has made several refinements to its 2009 aircraft offerings. The SportStar, the first Sport Aircraft to be certified in the US (2005), is well known for its rugged, all-metal construction, stable flight characteristics, and low maintenance costs. The aircraft is built for flight schools and the daily rough use expected, and can be kept out in the weather for many seasons without adverse effects. Its straight forward stall and spin characteristics make it one of the safest aircraft in the air, and a stable, student pilot platform.

Josef Bostik, President of Evektor Aircraft, Inc. stated, “The Evektor SportStar is not just a training aircraft. The SportStar MAX is a desirable Sport Plane that can be flown by pilots looking to lower the cost of their pleasure flying or business commute. Able to carry two persons in its 47” wide, comfortable cockpit, carry a week’s supply of baggage at 110 knots for nearly 800 miles non-stop, the SportStar is not your Grandfather’s Cessna or Piper!”

For those Flight Schools that require the full “Monty” in its training fleet, Evektor offers the SportStar MAX IFR. The MAX IFR is the first Light Sport Aircraft that is Part 23 instrument compliant for IFR IMC flight, and can be used to train students from Sport Pilot, Private, up to and including a Commercial Instrument rating. The MAX IFR comes equipped with the Certified Rotax 912S 100 HP which has a 1500 hour TBO. Based on 800 hours per year use in a flight school, the operating cost of the SportStar BT, and SportStar Max IFR Trainer is less than half that of a Cessna 172.

“Low acquisition costs, low maintenance costs, and the lowest operating costs make Evektor Aircraft’s 2009 lineup the logical choice for integration into existing training fleets,” Stated John Dunham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Evektor Aircraft, Inc. Dunham added, “We are hearing from flight school operators interested in seeing the SportStar up close and personal, and already have dozens of aircraft working, and new arrivals are being placed into Flight Schools in many major metropolitan areas.”

To facilitate ease of acquisition for Flight Schools, Evektor Aerotechnik is working on a comprehensive Export and Flight School Financing Program for the USA in cooperation with the Czech Export Bank. Distribution is from its US based operation, Evektor Aircraft, Inc. of Melbourne, Florida. Fleet prices will range from a little over $110,000 for the SportStar BT, to around $155,000 for the SportStar MAX IFR equipped version.

“It is becoming quite popular. Everyone who flies the SportStar MAX really likes it. I’d love to add more aircraft to my training fleet,” stated Bob Archibald, Flight School Owner of Santa Rosa, California’s DragonFly Aviation.

About Evektor Aircraft, Inc. and the SportStar: Headquartered on Central Florida’s Space Coast, Evektor Aircraft Inc. is the exclusive USA Distribution Center for Evektor Aerotechnik a.s., the largest civil aircraft producer in the Czech Republic. With over 1000 SportStar and EuroStar aircraft produced, and since 2005, nearly 100 imported into the USA, the SportStar MAX is receiving rave reviews for its docile flight training characteristics, stability, rugged all metal construction, low cost parts availability, and lowest possible over-all operating costs. More information about Evektor Aircraft, Inc. and the SportStar MAX can be found by visiting their website at: Evektor-Aircraft.com.

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