OpenSplice DDS: Interoperable and Open Source!

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OpenSplice DDS: Interoperable and Open Source!

OpenSplice DDS: Interoperable and Open Source!

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PrismTech™, an acknowledged leader in advanced software integration and infrastructure solutions, announced today the availability of the OMG™ DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol (DDSI/RTPS) as part of the Open Source OpenSplice™ DDS Community Edition.

Following up the successful multi-vendor interoperability demonstration performed at the latest OMG Technical Meeting in March 2009, PrismTech is releasing today, as part of OpenSplice DDS v4.1.1, the first and only Open Source implementation of the OMG DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol.

“On the wire interoperability, ensuring multi-vendor interworking, is one of the features that makes the OMG DDS Standard very attractive as an integration technology in large scale mission- and business-critical systems,” said Angelo Corsaro, PhD, Product Strategy and Marketing Manager, PrismTech. “OpenSplice DDS is the first and only OMG DDS implementation that provides the full benefits of Openness and Interoperability.”

Along with the DDS Interoperability Wire-Protocol, OpenSplice DDS v4.1.1 also brings to the Open Source Community support for the Windows Platform. The latest version of OpenSplice DDS can be downloaded at http://www.opensplice.org

OpenSplice DDS is an ultra-low latency real-time publish/subscribe middleware technology providing trend-setting features, tools, and performance. OpenSplice DDS powers some of the most the most demanding mission- and business-critical systems, such as Air Traffic Control, Naval Combat Management Systems, Railway Control Systems, and High Frequency Automated Trading Systems. OpenSplice DDS is Open Source Software available under the generous LGPLv3 licensing terms, thus making its use possible in proprietary and commercial systems as well as in other Open Source projects. In addition, PrismTech provides a complete range of commercial support, training, consultancy, add-ons, and enhancements for OpenSplice DDS.

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About PrismTech
PrismTech is an acknowledged leader in advanced software integration and infrastructure solutions. The company develops, markets, and supports a wide range of high-performance, standards-compliant, and cost-effective middleware products which are further differentiated by unique technical capabilities and advanced productivity tools. PrismTech's products "Power Netcentricity" by enabling the event-driven communications, end-to-end qualities-of-service, and software optimization required to best exploit available resources, to better synchronize events, and to support system agility. PrismTech's product's differentiators are most highly valued in markets that require business-critical and mission-critical systems. These systems are pervasive in a number of vertical markets, such as Telecom, Mil/Aero, Finance, Utilities, Transportation, and Civil Administration. PrismTech's customers constitute an impressive list of major systems integrators, OEMs, and ISVs, including many Fortune Global 500 companies. For additional information about PrismTech, visit the web site at http://www.prismtech.com.

OpenSplice DDS is a trademark of PrismTech. OMG is a trademark of Object Management Group. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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