"New Pact for the Future Secures Sustainability of Fraport Ground Services"

Dépèche transmise le 16 novembre 2009 par PRNewswire

FRANKFURT, November 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunday evening Fraport AG reached an agreement with the ver.di and komba unions on the key points of a new collective agreement for the company's ground services staff at Frankfurt Airport (FRA). Fraport executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte and executive board member for labor relations Herbert Mai expressed their satisfaction with the results of the negotiations. "After very intensive discussions we finally were able to reach an acceptable agreement," declared Schulte. Most importantly, a ground services strike has been averted at FRA and the common goal of maintaining Fraport's integrated business model (with ground services as a vital element) has been achieved. "Thus, we have created the foundation for medium and long-term competitiveness of our ground services business segment. Furthermore, Fraport will continue to offer its customers top services on the ramp at a recognized high quality level," stressed Schulte.

Fraport's executive labor director pointed out the essential key points of the new collective agreement. Under the agreement, lower pay rates will be introduced for newly hired employees - especially for those in operational areas of Fraport Ground Services. Furthermore, it was agreed not to spin off any business areas from the company. The new agreement also guarantees the current rights for existing employees, more efficient regulations for alternating shifts, the promise to continue the partial retirement scheme for operational ground services staff, and comprehensive arrangements for taking over apprentices upon completion of their training. "The contract furthermore stipulates that newly hired staff required for ground services will also become employees of Fraport AG. The agreement will run until the end of 2018," explained Mai.

The key-points agreement must be seen in conjunction with the Pact for the Future 2018, which Fraport's works council also approved today. This Pact for the Future specifies that there will not be any operations-related job dismissals through 2018. In return, any bonuses outside the general pay scale will be continuously reduced.

"Following months of intensive negotiations, the entire package was conclusively negotiated. It now offers the opportunity for creating competitive cost structures in Ground Services and, thus, secures jobs in the long term," Schulte and Mai concluded.

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