Go Travel Insurance Highlight the Importance of Taking out Travel Insurance Before Travelling to Cuba

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BASILDON, England, April 28, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the announcement made by the Cuban Government that all travellers arriving in Cuba from 1st May will be required to purchase travel health insurance to gain entry, Go Travel Insurance are today reinforcing the importance of taking out comprehensive travel insurance ( ) to cover travellers on a trip abroad.

According to an order issued by the Cuban Government in March, the insurance policy should be purchased in the traveller's home country to cover the full span of their visit, and those arriving without proper coverage will be required to purchase a policy from a Cuban insurance company at the sea or air port on arrival.

This requirement will apply to all tourists and visitors, including Cubans living abroad visiting friends or family, and any foreigners temporarily living in Cuba. It will only exempt diplomats and representatives of accredited international organisations.

A spokesperson for Go Travel Insurance, one of the UK's major providers of travel insurance, said "It's important for travellers to be aware of the new conditions imposed by the Cuban government for entry into Cuba and to take out adequate travel cover to ensure they don't have to pay for a policy once they arrive."

"Taking out travel insurance should be seen as a necessity and not an optional extra and the Cuban governments stand on this seems to supports this."

About Go Travel Insurance

Go Travel Insurance has been offering travel insurance online since 2000. It's fast and secure, and you can get an instant quote from the website.

Whether it's annual travel insurance ( ) or a single trip policy you're after, Go Travel Insurance offers an end to end service, with all claims, medical screening and call centre customer service handled in-house in the UK.

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