NetJets Europe Targets Business and First Class Fliers With New Fractional Jet Offer

Dépèche transmise le 17 juin 2010 par PRNewswire

LONDON, June 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- NetJets Europe today announces a new, trial offer allowing you to acquire a fractional ownership stake of 1/32nd of a jet - equivalent to 25 hours of flight time per year - from as little as US$125,000. This builds on the ongoing success and interest in the fractional ownership model for jets that NetJets has seen as business and first class fliers seek to escape the travel disruptions commercial airlines have faced in recent months.

Fractional ownership, which allows NetJets Europe's customers to acquire a fraction of a jet proportionate to their usage, empowers owners to escape most of the travel headaches commercial airline passengers have to deal with. Avoiding strikes, having the flexibility to fly around disrupted regions, and being on the plane within ten minutes of arriving at the airport are just some of the key benefits new NetJets Europe owners will experience over commercial passengers. They will also be flying with an airline with the best safety culture and training in the industry, and with the biggest and best equipped fleet of aircraft to suit every business' and individual's needs.

The new offer supplements NetJet Europe's existing fractional programmes, which start at 50 hour shares of aircraft, and its 25 hour Private Jet () and Corporate Cards. Unlike the cards, which provide 25 hours of jet usage each year, the new 1/32nd share offer fixes NetJets Europe's prices for three years and provides savings based on the current value of jets:

"Despite the turbulent global economy, there's never been a better time to buy a fractional share in a jet ()," explains Emily Williams, Sales Director, NetJets Europe. "Jet prices are low, commercial airlines are facing massive problems and people that value their time are looking for alternatives. The launch of a new NetJets Europe 1/32nd share () is in response to a new demand from people who are frustrated by the first and business class commercial experience."

This news follows on a positive report looking at the future of the fractional ownership sector in Europe, entitled "Is the Future Fractional." NetJets Europe's Williams explains: "The report found a great deal of optimism for the growth of the fractional sector in Europe. Whilst we are seeing some signs of recovery in the global economy, there is an enduring awareness of the wisdom of sharing resources more efficiently, and the fractional model is perfectly placed to address this."

About NetJets Europe

NetJets Europe was founded in 1996 and today is the largest business jet company in Europe. As the only pan-European operator with its own fleet, NetJets Europe, through NetJets Transportes Aéreos (NTA), is uniquely capable of delivering a consistent, world-class service with an unparalleled commitment to safety and security. NTA was the first business jet operator to be awarded the IOSA certificate, the highest safety accreditation in the world. NetJets Europe employs a total workforce of more than 1,600 and has over 150 aircraft. NetJets Europe is the marketing agent of NetJets Transportes Aéreos S.A., an EU air Carrier.

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