Evidon Launches GreenLight™ Program for Ad Networks, Trading Desks, DSPs, and Publishers to Demonstrate Best Practices

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Evidon, the leading provider of compliance services for management of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA), announced today the launch of the Evidon GreenLight™ Program. Evidon GreenLight is designed to provide companies on the industry’s sell-side: advertising networks, demand-side platforms and data aggregators, with an indication that it is an industry leader and buy-safe solution for compliance with the DAA Program.

“As an Evidon Design Partner from the beginning, and a company that has championed transparency from day one, Lotame’s participation in GreenLight is a no-brainer”

Evidon launches the Evidon GreenLight Program in response to the growing number of agencies and brands that are already working with Evidon and are eager to protect their brands and demonstrate transparency to consumers. Executives from these companies have enquired about a reliable way of ensuring that their sell side partners share these goals and are adhering to DAA Principles. Evidon’s GreenLight program launches with commitments from the following companies as charter participants:

  • 33across
  • Bizo
  • Collective Media
  • Media6Degrees
  • 24/7 Real Media
  • Media Innovation Group (MIG)
  • ADRoll
  • Contextweb
  • Lotame
  • Rocket Fuel
  • ShareThis
  • Adnetik

“As an Evidon Design Partner from the beginning, and a company that has championed transparency from day one, Lotame’s participation in GreenLight is a no-brainer,” said Adam Lehman, COO of Lotame. “Every company doing business in the data ecosystem needs to demonstrate its adherence to best practices, and this is the best kind of program since it will be run with complete transparency by the company with the most at stake in making it work, not to mention the company that seems to be doing far more buy-side business than anyone else in their space.”

Evidon’s Assurance Platform – Evidon InForm™ – has been simplifying and speeding compliance with OBA principles for over 100 brands, agencies, networks and publishers. Evidon InForm enables simple and scalable implementation of the Advertising Option Icon into display ads and web sites, and gives consumers access to and control over how information is collected and used – while providing the option of opting out altogether. Providing this program for the technology companies in the value chain will ensure the ongoing integrity and transparency of the ecosystem.

What Evidon GreenLight Means

Companies that participate in Evidon GreenLight intend to be running enhanced ad notice on all of their OBA campaigns, using Evidon as their exclusive or default provider, by August 29, the deadline set by the IAB for its members to be in compliance with its Code of Conduct. Evidon notice, delivered via the Evidon InForm platform, gives consumers unprecedented transparency into and control over how their information is used online.

Evidon is the first company endorsed by the DAA as an approved provider of compliance services, and the company serves the Ad Choices Icon notice on billions of advertising impressions every week. The Evidon GreenLight Program also carries the following commitments by the August 29th deadline:

  • Reliable partner to Buy-side: Companies that are part of Evidon GreenLight execute OBA-compliant campaigns that are technologically reliable, conform to buy-side notice and branding specifications, adhere to the CLEAR spec, and that provide the best possible ad/site notice for their customers.
  • Proper privacy policy: Companies that are part of GreenLight have all required opt-outs present in their existing privacy policies and have completed privacy policy review by Evidon’s in-house CIPP staff.

“Simply checking off ‘OBA compliant’ on an RFP or linking to a privacy policy is not enough. The requirements of the DAA program are more complicated than that, and it requires a real solution with external, ongoing validation,” said Scott Meyer, Founder and CEO of Evidon. “The most prominent brands and most respected agencies are looking to partner only with those companies that can demonstrate their good faith and dedication to best practices. We’ve heard from literally dozens of these agencies and brands that our solutions are far more comprehensive than anything else in the market, so we feel that it’s even more important that we validate well-intentioned sell-side companies in the value chain.”

Evidon is the leading technology company enabling online advertising transparency, in no small part through its leadership role in the Open Data Partnership (ODP). An alliance of online behavioral advertising companies, the ODP gives consumers access to and control over the information those companies have collected about their interests for OBA purposes directly from an ad impression or publisher site that uses Evidon’s platform.

About Evidon

Selected by the Digital Advertising Alliance to power its online behavioral advertising self-regulatory program, Evidon (formerly Better Advertising) enables a more trusted environment for everyone in the online ecosystem. It gives businesses an easy, standard way of providing evidence of compliance with industry guidelines, and consumers more transparency into and control over how their information is used online. By empowering consumers and earning their trust, businesses build their brands, participate in OBA with confidence and generate better results. For more information, please visit: www.evidon.com.

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